Chapter Four (Cont.)Mature

"Elliot what're y-" "Let her go." Jayden ordered. "Sammi are you okay?" Elliot asked, completely ignoring Jayden. "Yeah I'm fine but the show you're putting out right now isn't really putting trust from my friends into you." I snapped, trying to unwrap his arms. "I'm sorry." He finally whispered, releasing me. "Guys he's okay. It's fine. Besides, he helped me back here and protected me on the way." I said to my friends. 
"Look I don't know who the hell-" Jasmine began to yell at Elliot, but I cupped my hand over her mouth and pulled her backwards so the back over her head was on my shoulder. “You’d better calm yourself before I slap the s*** outta’ you. He’s a good man.” I whispered quickly and softly into her ear, so only she could hear. “Okay, okay. I’m sorry.” She whined. I released her and turned to everyone. 
“Is the boat set for travel?” I asked loudly. “We just need to finish putting the cargo in, and, there are six bedrooms in total, a walk in refrigerator, and several other luxuries.” Goldstein answered. “That sounds like Tiger Woods’s boat Privacy.” Elliot hummed. 

The End

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