Chapter Four (Cont.)Mature

I stared off into the distance to where we were headed. "Why are you so friendly towards a stranger as myself?" I asked. "You reminded me of my ex-girlfriend before she turned- just a little younger." He answered. I held his forehead tightly and sorta played with his hair. "Did you really mean the first phrase you said to me?" He asked. I thought back to when we met. "Oh the one about you being attractive? Definitely." I chuckled. 
"You're adorable." Elliot said softly. "Shh no need to compliment me. Just focus on getting there." I replied. "Sorry to rain on your parade but we're here." He chuckled, putting me on the ground. The shop was probably fifty yards from where we stood. "Oh cool." I smiled, beginning to walk to the store. "Sammi wait!" He blurted out, tackling me to the ground. I went blind for a few minutes but I couldn't move once I got my vision back. 
All I saw was Elliot shooting a zombie in the head, and then he leaned over me. "Sammi are you okay?" I heard through faded sounds. I wanted to say yes but my throat was dry. He picked me up and carried me to the shop piggy-back style. Several guns cocked and pointed at Elliot. "No wait!" I yelled. He let me down and I stood in front of him. "Who the hell is he..." Jasmine whispered. "Elliot. He helped me get back he-" Elliot pulled me back towards him by my wrist. I felt his stomach against my back and his arms resting on my shoulders in a type of hug. 

The End

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