Chapter Four (Cont.)Mature

"Mind helping me with-" I began to say, but Elliot already picked up all the bags. "I got it." He smiled. "Okay then..." I trailed off. He glanced at me and smiled once more. "You know where the Motor Club is at, right?" I asked. "Definitely. It's about five miles from here." He answered. "Well that's where I'm headed. Show me the way there, then I'll let you tag along for the rest of the trip." I stated. "Sounds like a plan, little Sam." He said in a cute voice. 
"Don't call me Sam. Know a way out of here?" I asked. "I believe there's an exit back here..." Elliot trailed off, leading me to an exit door. "Gosh I'm so stupid." I said under my breath. "No, just oblivious." He chuckled while opening the door. "Whatever floats your boat I guess, sweet cheeks." I sneered. He tapped me on the back between my shoulder blades and I began walking out. He closely followed with the bags. 
"Sammi?" Elliot asked. "Yes?" I responded. I suddenly felt hands at my side and I was lifted up. "Oh god what are you doing." I squealed. He sat me on his shoulders and picked up the bags once more. "Strong much?" I asked staring down at his titanium blonde hair with a purplish tint. "I'd just graduated from basic training for the army when this happened." He answered, walking once more. "They let you dye you hair this color?" I asked. "It's kinda natural actually." He replied. 

The End

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