Chapter Four (Cont.)Mature

With my gun still pointed to him, I replied, "Sammi." "What are you doing here alone..?" He asked. "When the ceiling caved in, I got separated from my friends." I answered. "Jesus, how old are you?" He asked with wide eyes. "Fifteen." I lied. It's only a little white lie. I'll be fifteen in three months. "You're so young to deal with this, especially after two years." Elliot mumbled. My legs finally gave out and I knelt in front of him. 

Elliot had his hands locked around his knees on the ground. "Look I need to go-" "Mind if I join you? It would be the worst decision of mine to leave such a young girl out there to fend for herself. Specifically with that hell." He interrupted me. I'm really not sure if I want to put my trust in him. "What makes you think I can trust you?" I demanded. "The fact that you can shoot me if I do something you don't like." He simply stated. I thought for a moment. "Fine. But you might get shot within six hours." I sighed. 

"As long as I don't end up as one of those things." He said standing up. I brushed off my thighs and looked up. His gentle hand was outstretched towards me in a polite gesture, but I slapped it away. "I can stand myself, Elliot." I snapped, getting up. "Alright, miss." He smiled. He seems so friendly, no matter what I do and say to him. I wonder if it's just an act. He lightly pressed the small of my back and we started walking. 

The End

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