Chapter Four (Cont.)Mature

“Let’s go then.” Jasmine said in her cutesy voice. “Alright.” We all agreed, splitting off. Jasmine, Jayden and I went to the grocery store. We fully raided it and once we were about to meet up, the ceiling began to collapse. “Oh my god. Guys, are you okay?” I called out. “We’re fine, Sammi can you get around it?” Jayden asked. “No, but that’s okay. I want you guys to wait an hour, if I’m not back, then we meet at the boat shop within three days.” I declared. 

“Sammi, you’d better be okay by then.” Jasmine threatened. “I promise I will.” I said. I heard them run off and I searched around for an alternate exit. I couldn’t see anything from where I stood, so I kind of jogged around. “Hello..?” I heard someone call out. I pulled the revolver from my waistband and slowly crept around a corner with it aimed. I saw a hand out and raised my gun, ready to shoot. 

“Don’t shoot-!” A male voice squeaked. I opened my eyes and looked at the guy before me with his hands up. “Oh. You’re attractive.” I said with a poker-face. I kept the gun pointed at his chest. “Are you infected?” I asked. “I would’ve just asked you the same thing, but no, I’m not.” He answered, moving to show his hands. "Don't do anything stupid, sir." I growled. "Alright, just- I'm sorry." He muttered, slowly lowering himself onto the floor and sitting there. "I'm Elliot..." He whispered, staring at me with an innocent face. 

The End

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