Chapter Four (Cont.)Mature

I turned to look at him in the eyes for a split second. “You’re adorable.” I said with a smirk then paid attention to the road. “Ugh I’m so tired…” Mayra yawned. “Morning.” Jayden said to her, “We’re almost to Portland.” “Maybe forty minutes out.” I said while glancing at the clock. “Want me to drive, Sammi?” Jayden asked. “Is that a way of saying you want me to get some sleep?” I asked. “Your under-eyes are dark.” He said, pursing his lips together. “Fine. Fine.” I mumbled, slowing the car to a stop. 

I stood up as best I could and switched places with Jayden, him sliding behind me. Once we were situated, I cuddled his arm and closed my eyes. Before I knew it, I was totally out. We were probably in Portland when Jayden nudged my side, waking me. I yawned and looked up at him. “We here?” I asked. “Yes ma’am.” Goldstein answered. I yawned once more and stretched. “We stopped at the Portland Motor club and found our boat.” Jayden said. “Now I see we’re at an intersection with a grocery store and target-like shop.” I muttered. “Yeah, we’ll split into groups.” Jasmine said. 

“Three will go the grocery store and two to the mall.” Mayra said. “Pairs then, I’ll go alone.” I stated, “Jasmine and Jayden, Mayra and Goldstein. Good? Good.” “Sammi, are you sure you want to do that?” Goldstein asked. “I want you all safe. I could defend myself.” I replied. “Okay, okay, fine.” The four said. “Alrighty then, let’s do this.” I smiled. “Oh, yeah, we also filled the boat’s tank and reserve while out.” “What time is it?” I asked worriedly, staring at the clock. Nine. Okay, they let me sleep for about three and a half hours. 

The End

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