Chapter Four (Cont.)Mature

“He liked Lilly, y’know. I’m just not too excited about leaving the truck behind once we get to Portland.” Jayden said, poking my side. “Yeah, I knew. And I’m not happy about it either. We’ve had so many memories in Sally; it’s not fair that we’re leaving her.” I murmured. “We’ve officially gone onto the short bus.” Jayden laughed. I smiled a bit and took a turn, like the sign with directions said to. “We always were on it.” I laughed quietly, trying not to wake the others. “Should we stock up in case?” Jayden asked. “Nah, we’ll do that in Portland. I’m sure it has more stuff there we could use.” I answered. 

“Alrighty boss.” Jayden said hushed, then went back to playing with his fingers. “I’m really happy to be with you guys right now. If I were alone, I’d probably been dead a while ago, but now look at us. It’s been two years, I’m fifteen and you’re going to be fifteen soon. It’s totally crazy how long we’ve survived.” he said, “I love you.” “Yeah okay, love you too Jayden.” I scoffed. “Sammi I actually mean it, and I’m not trying to guilt trip you this time.” He snapped. 

“Alright, okay. I know you said it two and a half years ago, okay. I believe you.” I said. “Love you too Jasmine.” I sighed to my left side so she wouldn’t feel left out, even if she was asleep. When we get on that boat, we should celebrate everything we missed, the birthdays, thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.” he smiled, sitting up. “That sounds fun, but it won’t be totally formal…” I trailed off. “It’s okay; we’re pretty much a family now.” He chuckled, “As long as we’re together, that’s all that really counts Sammi.” 

The End

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