Chapter Four (Cont.)Mature

We’ve scrounged up a few guns while on our cross-country trip as well. Along with several dozens of pounds of ammunition. Our bows have still been the favorite weapon for a silent kill though; we haven’t found any silencers for any of the guns, otherwise my little revolver I’ve had since the start. It was indeed my favorite. “Just now entering ‘Biddeford.’ Hm. That’s only a couple dozen miles from Portland. We were doing great on time. 

The morning lights were starting to rise. I checked the truck’s clock, five-nineteen. We’ll probably be in Portland by at least six. I heard Jayden softly mumble, and then I felt his head shift off of my shoulder. “Good-morning…” he whispered. “Morning sleepy-head.” I smiled, ruffling his hair. “Where are we now?” he asked. “We’re in Biddeford, just a few dozen miles away from Portland. Our plan is going well.” I answered. He smiled a little and rested his head on my shoulder again. “Comfortable?” I chuckled a little. “Yes.” He grunted, playing with his fingers. 

I poked his cheek like I always used to and focused on the road. “I kind of forgot everyone I used to know until just now. You guys are all I’ve thought and worried about lately.” Jayden muttered. “Oh? Well I’ve realized that you guys have been more important to me than anybody else. And I’m still having a hard time comprehending why I liked Alex so much for so long. Living with him for a year- well it’s put a total different point of view on me.” I replied. 

The End

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