Chapter FourMature

It’s been two years, now its twenty-fifteen. I’m still just fourteen though, my birthday hasn’t passed yet. In the past time allotted, there has been a lot of tension in our group. Alex, Yumi, and Hernandez decided they’d be better off without us, so they left; but the five of us still had the truck. Jayden didn’t take losing Alex easily, but it’s what had to happen. Any more tension we had, someone would probably end up dead. 

Everyone but me was asleep; I was driving the truck now. Jayden rested his head on my shoulder. This reminds me of three years ago when we went to Disney; he was asleep on my lap though. Last I checked, we were almost to Portland, Maine. Our plan was to find that Zombie Apocalypse fortress in Poland. We were sure to find a boat that was one-hundred fifty-five feet long with a twelve-thousand gallon tank. 

Once we got that boat, we’d head off to Madrid, Spain. That is, after we fill up the tank. I’d be sure to find the specs of the boat before we did anything. I really do hope our luck lasts; it has for two years. I’m calculating about a week on the water, not at a constant movement. I’m fine with maybe two weeks; it shouldn’t be much longer than that though. Before boarding the boat though, we’d have to thoroughly check through it. I’m hoping that the teams would be Jayden and I, and Jasmine, Mayra, and Goldstein. I really do hope. 

The End

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