Chapter Three (Cont.)Mature

“Guys I got the truck keys and it’s set up, c’mon.” I said quickly while entering the house. Goldstein had the food with trays in a large pillar and gave them to me, saying, “Get it to the back seat of the truck and you stay in the driver’s seat. I wouldn’t be surprised if you knew how to drive. I’ll help everybody else. Plus I know you can cover us while we’re moving; you’ve got a gun.” I smiled a little bit and carefully took the trays, carrying them out to the truck. I quietly opened the door and placed the food in the back seat, then moved myself to the driver’s seat. 

I saw everyone exiting the house with several bags and tried to silently start the truck. Everyone jogged over, semi-tossed the bags into the trunk, and got in somehow. Jayden and Hernandez sat with me in the front bench seat, Yumi sat in the back seat with the food and everyone else sat in the bed of the truck with the rest of the items. I started the truck and sped off, trying to be as quiet as I could with it. “First stop, a gas station to fill this up and get a little more gas. Sixteen gallons can only last so long, and this only has a quarter tank left.” I said. 

I gave Hernandez the money and Jasmine, Mayra, and Alex went to go find more gallon containers. I shut off the truck and stood watch with everyone else. “Alright, we’re full.” Hernandez said holding the rest of the money. The three searching for containers came back with three in each hand; eighteen in total. Hernandez quickly filled them up and handed them into the bed of the truck. Once he was done, he sprinted back to get into the truck and we drove off. 

The End

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