Chapter Three (Cont.)Mature

“Will do, Sammi. Watch yourself out there, we need you.” He replied. We hugged, patting each other on the back and splitting off. I carefully went out the door and crouch-walked to the truck. I took a paper clip and unbent it to create a pressure pin; then a bobby pin with the balled edges broken off to mimic the serrated edges of a key. I slipped them both in, jiggled the bobby pin a bit, and turned the lock. It’s a good thing I was curious a while ago and looked up how to pick a lock. 

I slowly and carefully opened the door and felt a body fall over me. “Gross…” I whispered, pushing it off. My poor neighbor, ‘C.O.D,’ probably a heart-attack while trying to escape. Oh joy, he left the key in the ignition, maybe I am a lucky bastard. I took them out, slid them into my pocket, locked the door once more, and left the truck, making sure it shut. 

The End

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