Chapter Three (Cont.)Mature

“Just leave her be, I guess.” Jasmine said to Jayden. I turned to face the outside and opened my eyes. I stared at the cloudiness out there. “Is this all real.” I muttered, staring off into space. “It has to be, we’re all here and alive.” Alex said. I suddenly heard loud voices from the neighbor’s house; they sounded like bandits. “Okay make this meal to go, finish cooking them up we’ll hurry and pack the stuff.” I blurted out. 

“What’s the problem?” Goldstein asked. “More bandits. You finish up the meals and we’ll pack your stuff along with the rest of ours, I’ll get to work on opening the car and getting it to start. I’ll go alone, it’s probably best.” I answered. Everyone ran off to the storage rooms and probably started getting everything ready. I secured the gun I had in my waistband and pulled Jayden back, “Alex knows my number, so does Jasmine but her phone doesn’t work. If anything goes wrong, you make sure he texts or calls me.” I said. 

The End

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