Chapter Three (Cont.)Mature

“Jayden come here.” I whispered, pulling him into a hug. He wrapped his arms around my ribs and I gently squeezed him. “Smile… please?” I asked, pulling my head back to look at his face. He cracked a little grin. “Sammi why are you worrying so much?” he asked. “Because it’s my job to worry, I always worry too much.” I replied, releasing him and poking his cheeks. “You’re weird.” He laughed. I lightly punched him in the chest and walked over to the kitchen. “How’s everybody holding up?” I asked. Jasmine was about to reply but I stopped her. “Otherwise Jasmine.” I added. “Darn.” She pouted. 

“We’re just thinking, Yumi and I.” Mayra said. I leaned against the glass sliding door and waited for everyone else’s answers. “Kind of busy...” Hernandez and Goldstein trailed off. “I’m fine.” Alex whispered, tweaking his home bow. I crossed my arms and closed my eyes. “Sammi, you okay?” Jayden asked. I’m fine, but I needed my own time. I was such an isolated person, not even being up alone for five hours suits the time I need. Jayden gently pushed me by my shoulder. “I’m fine.” I said with a monotone attitude, not opening my eyes or moving. 

The End

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