Chapter Three (Cont.)Mature

"Indeed, I will." I stated, dropping the rock on her jugular, and stomping down on it. We should hurry inside; I motioned for my friends to do so. "Guys is everyone okay?" I asked. "We're fine..." Goldstein said. "Just shaken up." Alex added. I hugged my friends tightly and shut the door after. I felt so protective of them after that... I really couldn't leave them again.

"You all want lunch?" Hernandez asked. “Sounds good to me, we need to finish up the frozen stuff before everything goes to s*** .” I replied. I glanced at Jayden and Jasmine, they both looked so shook up. “You aren’t okay, are you guys?” I asked them. “I’m just hungry.” Jasmine shrugged. Jayden nodded ‘no,’ and I just couldn’t stare at him like that.

The End

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