Chapter Three (Cont.)Mature

I opened my left eye and slowly turned around. I saw the man on the rocks with an arrow through his throat. When I looked up, I saw the third man coming out of the house, he already aimed his gun. I only had a second to think. I turned to my friends in front of me and lunged at them. I heard a gunshot, then felt the bullet pass through my hair. It cut a part of it off and I pushed Jayden and Jasmine onto the rocks. I landed on top of Jayden, when I looked out of the corner of my eye, I saw the third man drop to his knees. I looked beyond the man and saw Yumi with one of my mother's many knives.

I stared at her, just standing there frozen with the knife. I stood up and helped Jasmine and Jayden up, then I walked over to Yumi. "Thank you..." I whispered as I hugged her tightly. The man on the ground struggled in trying to stand once again, but I placed my foot on his back and pressed down. "Are you truly loving this fate..?" The man asked, showing his face to me. Only it wasn't a he; it was Eleanor.

The End

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