Chapter Three (Cont.)Mature

I told everyone to stay in front of the garage, myself as well. I set my bow down, grabbed the biggest rock in my view and went in front of the garage once more. I threw the bottle at the pillar before my door. 

"What the hell was that?" 

"I don't know, go check it out." 

"Cover me." I whispered. As soon as I saw a face rounding the corner, ny adrenaline pumped. " b**** ." I yelled before I slammed the rock onto the man's head. "K. O." I whispered proudly while repeatedly smashing the guy's face in with the rock. Blood splattered onto me, that's when I stopped. I heard a gun cock behind my head. If this is another close call, I'll gladly call myself the luckiest person in the world. I heard a release of some sore and clenched my eyes. All I felt was a gust of air and the rocks crunched under a weight. 

The End

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