Chapter ThreeMature

I had two gallons of gasoline in each hand, and I connected two to my waist by my belt. Jayden did the same, but Jasmine didn't have a belt. We were almost at the house, we just had to put the gasoline in the bed of the truck. As I un-looped the gallons from my belt, I saw a red car a little ways down the street. 

"That wasn't there before, was it?" I asked Jasmine, pointing to the car. "No..." She replied. I finished putting the gas up and glanced at the house. The front door was wide open. My eye widened and I ran to it, my bow in one hand and a bottle I picked up in the other. As I neared the door, I put an arrow in its nock. I saw my friends all face down on the floor and three men with guns surrounding them. No.

The End

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