Chapter Two (Cont.)Mature

Part 5 of 5

As soon as everyone finished paying their respects, we went inside. I sat against a wall; my knees were pulled close to my chest and my arms sat upon them while I rested my forehead on my arms. I hate this reality. I heard everyone talking to each other in the living room and I silently thought to myself. That was until I felt someone slide down the wall to sit next to me. When I looked up, I saw Jayden move his head into my shoulder. "Sammi, I miss Isela." He whispered. "I miss... Everyone." I replied.
I've already had an emotional moment with Alex, I guess it's time come Jayden. "Do you ever think this'll end?" He asked. I nodded my head no, "And I'm not just going off of movies. Until the so called 'government' figures out what the hell happened, there's no hope." I replied. "Haven't you ever heard of the threes in survival?" Jayden asked, "You can last three minutes without air, the days without water, three weeks without food, three months without shelter and-" "Three years without hope. Yeah, I know." I muttered. "Then don't lose hope already." Jayden snapped.
I moved to lie on my chest; Jayden leaned upon my back. "I'm not trying to Jayden." I softly grumbled. "Who's going to be in the group for retrieving the truck?" Hernandez asked. "I will." Jayden said, raising his right hand. "Me too." Jasmine added. "Alright. Now sounds good I guess." I announced. Jayden stood up; I rolled over onto my back. Jayden helped me up and he and Jasmine started out the door. I stayed back a few moments, "Always check who's knocking before you answer." And with that, I left with Jayden and Jasmine.

The trio was gone. They were out for at least ten minutes already. There was a knock on the door. Through the screen, the five could only see three figures. "Oh that was fast." Mayra said as they opened the door.
"Get down."


The End

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