Chapter Two (Cont.)Mature

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"Y'know, I love having your guys' support and all, but-" "Sammi you know that out of all of us here, you'd survive the longest." Mayra stated. I hated to think about things that way. "It's almost impossible we could all make it out of this alive." Mr. Hernandez said. "Anything is possible." Yumi muttered, "Nothing is impossible." "Well if everything is possible, impossible is possible." I said under my breath. "Okay Ms. Philosophy. We don't need to be mind-fused and the moment." Goldstein chuckled. "Okay, okay. It's time I am to prep you guys, we got off of topic and that frustrates me." I said, finally ending this conversation.
"I really want to prep you guys in case of an emergency." I said. "Wait, Sammi we have something to show you." Hernandez and Yumi said with a slight smile. "Oh I'm afraid of that." I murmured. Everyone stood up and Jayden helped me up. "What is it that's so important at the moment?" I asked as we walked into my backyard. "This." Jayden gestured as he pushed me beyond the tarp. I saw two little structures sticking out of the ground. They were wooden crosses, ones you'd see for an improper grave. Two types of tears started behind the dams we call eyelids; I felt them burning. "You guys..." I whispered, my voice was cracking already and higher. I can't believe they did this for me, I had to show them my appreciation.
I turned around to my friends and smiled, even if the tears ran softly down my cheeks. I grouped them up and hugged them all, and I hate group hugs. They showed me so much to care about them; I'm so happy to be with them. Once everyone broke off from the hug, Jasmine began to speak, "Sammi, would you like to do a mini ceremony?" I nodded and ran inside to get some candles, why I hadn't thought of them last night was stupid. I also got the letter, Ow-Ow, and the white roses in the living room, then went back outside.
I handed out a rose to everybody and kept the extra two in my hand. I set the letter and Ow-Ow on my mother's grave, put a white candle beside each grave and lit them, and stood back in line with everyone else. We stood silent there for several minutes, thinking of the words we wanted to say but never meant to speak them. I looked up to the gloomy sky, perfect weather for this occasion I guess. I looked back down at the graves and placed the roses between the two. Everyone else placed their rose on the little rose pile between the graves and I placed my fist on my chest, like how they salute in "Attack on Titan."


The End

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