Chapter Two (Cont.)Mature

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When I woke up, all I saw was Alex's chest and chin, and the ceiling. I couldn't have been asleep for more than a few hours, right? "Whoa..." I yawned before sitting up. It smelled like breakfast was made and Alex was just there waiting for me to get up. I guess an apocalypse is no time for romance; I need to stop fancying him. "Good morning sleepy-head." Alex laughed before jabbing me in the side with his finger. "Y'know you think it tickles but it's just painful..." I muttered, standing up. "Sorry." Alex smiled innocently as he stood up as well, "Come on. They're probably waiting for us."
Alex and I walked out of my mother's room into the living room to the other six sitting in a circle on the floor. "Good morning!" They greeted me. "Gosh wh-" my yawn interrupted mid-sentence, "What happened last night?" I couldn't remember a thing, as if I were drunk. "Well um-" Jayden started, about to explain. Jasmine stopped him by slamming her elbow into his shoulder. "Right now isn't a-" Jasmine began, until she glanced at my grimace. I remembered everything that split second and fell to my knees. "That's right..." I whispered to myself. No, no more crying. Be strong for the group. They literally need you, Sammi. I rubbed my eyes and they all just stared blankly at me with wide eyes.
"I'm sorry. I'm alright. We'll deal with it later, let's just eat right now." I said, trying to fake a smile. Alex and I joined the circle and we all ate our frozen breakfast meal. Man I'm happy electricity hasn't gone out yet. Oh please don't tell me I jinxed it like a cliché in those zombie apocalypse movies. I forgot the thought and we all peacefully ate the meal, enjoying it as much as we could in this situation. "Alright, since we're all here and focused, I wanted to fully prep the group and organize it. First is organizing everything out." I said loud enough for everyone to hear, "I would like to start with the exec. Now, as I was thrown under the bus for leader yesterday, is there anybody else who'd like to try for it?" Everyone nodded 'no.' I glared at all of them for a split second. "I guess it's decided then. We will need a vice in case anything happens." No one said a word. "Okay, guys come on. This won't work unless you cooperate with me." I semi-growled. A few mumbles here and there, but there were no actual words made.
"Ladies and gentleman, do you honestly believe that nothing will happen to me?" I demanded. "We've seen you kill zombies several times already, and you aren't that much emotionally distraught about it otherwise..." Jayden said; he cleared his throat at the end, probably to avoid causing me more misery. "And you've dodged many more than the rest of us would have been able to." Alex added. I put my fist up to my mouth and held the second knuckle of my index finger to my tooth, my thumb slightly pushing up my bottom lip at the corner.


The End

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