Chapter Two (Cont.)Mature

Part 2 of 5

"Sammi, no!" Jayden yelled as I climbed the ladder into the attic. I looked into the space with its little light and saw a little sheen of light. I couldn't help but crawl over to it and see what it was; a knife. I started crying a little more until I stumbled upon a piece of paper. I took it to the window and began reading what it said: "Dear Sammantha, I love you so much but I can't help what happened to me. I can't believe this all happened today, and I'm so sorry if you have to grow up alone." At this point the tears fell onto the piece of paper, but I had to finish reading it, "I guess I won't get that motorcycle I always wanted. I love you so much Sammantha. If I can't bring myself to end it all before I turn, I hope you don't have to kill me. But if you do, please don't cry. I know it will hurt, but well meet again someday. Please live on as long as you can and take care of yourself."
I heard steps up the ladder but I wanted to finish what she started, "Keep yourself alive no matter what. I don't want you to die the way I did. I can't believe this all happened. I love y-" and from then on it was only scribbles. I let out all my breath and once that happened, all the tears came back. "No... I can't do this... No-" I started weeping again. It was Jasmine who popped up over the hole for the attic. "Sammi... I love you girl but you need to be strong for us- for everybody..." She said, "For you.” I turned to look at her, my face probably all red and teary. "Please..." Jasmine whispered. I collapsed onto my side, depression hitting me. I heard Jasmine climb back down the ladder and muffled voices- but I made out what she said: "I can't get her down. Alex go do it, you're the one who her emotional support is aren't you?"
"Yeah, I am, but this time I don't know how I could do it." Alex replied. "Just... Be there for her!" Jayden almost yelled. I knew it; he was upset about not being able to contact his girlfriend. "I'll try." Alex whispered loudly. Suddenly a bird entered the attic and started pecking at me. Alex was already climbing up the ladder when I started shouting, "Get offa' me!" I tumbled out of the hole of the attic and hit Alex. We began falling off the ladder. I closed my eyes and held my breath until two weights pushed the air out of my lungs. I opened my eyes and saw pure white. "Alex, if you're on my back, get oouff." I croaked, annunciating the 'o'. "Oh gosh I'm so sorry." Alex squeaked, trying to get off my back as quick as possible.
I laid limp on the couch for a good time until Jasmine poked me with a tape measure. "I always knew I hated attics for a reason..." I grumbled while sitting up. By now, the morning lights started rising. Gosh I'm so tired now... I couldn't stay up much longer. Before I knew it, my eyelids grew too heavy and I couldn't keep them open anymore.


The End

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