Chapter TwoMature

Part 1 of 5

"I have no idea what you're talking about." I quickly replied. "Brenda and Suzy both told me before this all happened. I doubt they'd lie about this." Alex whispered. Agh dammit. They had to tell him now didn't they. "Sammi I couldn't care less if you liked me. It will never bother me if a girl liked me as long as I knew her. My feelings towards you won't change and now I literally will always be there for you." Alex continued. I stared at him like he was some new convict and he chuckled a little before pulling me into a hug. "I don't know if I like you that way yet." He whispered into my ear before releasing me. "Get some sleep, okay?" He asked.
"I've tried all night, but I'll try again. Promise me you'll stay right there." I said softly. Oh my gosh, where's "Ow-Ow?" I needed to find her, my dear little stuffed dog I had since I was a baby. I don't know what'd I do without her and to think just leaving her here is barely livable. She was everything to me, I had to get her. "I have to get something..." I told Alex before getting up. "Wait..!" He blurted out, grabbing my wrist. "What is it..?" I asked. "Be careful, Sammi." Alex whispered, handing me his hunting knife. I held it tightly and tiptoed out my mother's room.
As I neared my room I heard grunts and growls coming from the garage. I knew I shouldn't do that, especially after all the idiots in scary movies I've seen die after it, but I'd rather die than let those people so close to me do it. I held the knife even tighter and carefully opened the door leading to the garage. As soon as I got my bearings I started screaming; a zombie came at me. I sunk the knife into its cranium and heard it fall to the ground in the darkness. I fumbled into my pocket to get my lighter out. By now, everybody was up and Alex was already halfway out the door. I knelt down next to the zombie with the lighter and immediately fell backwards. I'd done it again, but it really was a zombie; my mom. "No- no... No!" I started weeping. If crying was to be thought about, this is the most I cried in front of anyone.
I sat there in the darkness staring at my mom's outline and cried. Everyone was starting to group behind me; subconsciously I hunched over her body and wept more. No one knew what to do at all; they could only stare at my misery and hear it, and feel the agony within me. All I kept saying over and over was, "I did it again- why can't I control myself." I felt myself begin to shut down and I straightened. All I could do from keeping myself from crying was to retreat into my old room and find Ow-Ow. As soon as I found her, I ran out into the garage and stared up into the attic.


The End

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