Chapter One (Cont.)Mature

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Jayden returned the smirk, "You're an excellent leader as far as I can tell. And if you did go with 'them,' a certain tall person in this building wouldn't let himself live it down." I blushed a little and counted out everything we had. "Go check if the legs are in the main doors and that they're secure." I told him. "Will do, chief." Jayden said before he stood up. We gathered a very good supply of necessities. About six gallons of filtered water, not to mention how much unfiltered is through this house. Then we had sixteen microwave meals that needed to go fast and thirty instant meals that you'd just put together not including what I already had. And there was so much more that I couldn't keep just in my head. There were so many vital vitamins and necessities; I think we were just about set.
I made a physical list of the inventory and kept it in my bra, where only Jasmine would even dare think to go. I went around the house quickly and gathered all the lighters floating around. I'd collected eight lighters and handed them out to everyone. "Okay so, plan is we stay here for a few weeks or until it is of no longer use for us. A team of three, which will include me, will go out and search for a large enough vehicle and get several gallons of gas for it which I have so brilliantly robbed registers money for." I said proudly.
"Y'know, for a thirteen year old, you're a damn good leader." Goldstein smiled. "Damn straight." I agreed. I checked out the window real quick and- yes! The truck was still there. I ran back into my mother's room into her closet and retrieved the metal pellet BB gun, then into my room to get the normal BB gun. "I guess these will help." I said wryly. The three other girls were looking at my mom's collection of photos of me and the rest of the family. I couldn't deal with that at the moment. I walked out into the living room and started organizing the inventory to where they should go. Alex came out and helped me.
"Hey, thanks for getting those pads." I laughed softly. "I am not going to deal with four girls complaining over ruined panties because of a period." He replied blankly. I chuckled and lightly punched him on the shoulder, "Thanks for saving my ass out there." "Just because everything has gone to hell, doesn't mean this guy will become uncivilized." Alex grinned. That was cute. "Well, either way; thanks." I smiled. We finished up organizing everything and began bringing them into their right places. "Guys it's getting dark. Let's finish up this and head to sleep." Mayra said when she poked her head into the living room. It was eight-ish so now would've been a good time to rest. "Alright, coming. But I'll look out first. We'll take shifts." I said. Alex helped me up and we all entered the sleeping room. Everyone took a set up and curled up under their blankets, all asleep within twenty minutes. I sat quietly out the window just staring at everything.


The End

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