Chapter One (Cont.)Mature

Part 6 of 8

Yumi pounded on my front door and Jasmine opened it. "Hurry up." She urged. The three of the all went inside and Alex set me down on the couch. I finally got a hold of myself and looked out my back door. "My- my dogs..." I whispered, welling up at the thought. "Where are they..?" I asked. "Sammi I'm-" Mayra started. "No- no this. No..." I said, tears forming well into my eyelids. I tried my best not to let them go. Why is this such a harsh reality after today started so normally. Before I knew it I was bawling my eyes out, and nobody really knew what to do.
Alex sat on the floor in front of me. "Sammi, Sammi stop crying." He whispered. He dragged his thumbs across my cheeks and dried the tears before hugging me tightly. "We need our leader." He whispered into my ear before releasing me. That's right. Nobody knew really what to do unless I told them. I shook my head and fully recollected myself. "I'm sorry everybody. But now I'm in full gear and ready to lead. Mayra's group, give me a quick synopsis of how you prepared the house for our quick stay." I demanded.
"Well, we started by taking all the alcohol of the cold spaces so we could use them for food. Did you guys party every day or something?" Goldstein answered first. "Well anyhow, we then pushed up large furniture onto the windows and y'know how it works. Then we filled all the possible areas we could with water and everything so don't unplug them. Those areas include your many coolers in the garage, the bath tub, half the kitchen sink, and the sink in the main bathroom." Jayden then added. "Then we set up the areas for proper use such as a sleep area in your mom’s room, her bathroom the bathroom of course, the kitchen a kitchen of course, the living room an eating room and semi commons, Sammi's room as storage and semi commons and the garage a cold storage." Jasmine also said.
"You guys planned it out well. Thank you so much." I smiled, "If you guys feel like doing finishing touches be my guest, and I'll need someone to help me with inventory." "I'll do it." Jayden hastened to say. Everybody but he and I left to my room. "Why did you want to help me so bad..?" I asked while carefully emptying the bags. I smiled a tad when I saw one of Alex's bag filled with toilet paper and pads. Cute. "Sammi what happened out there?" Jayden asked. I didn't really want to talk about that now. "Could we speak about this later?" I asked. "Yeah, sure. Man, I'm happy you survived." Jayden replied. "Why is that?" I smirked.


The End

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