Chapter One (Cont.)Mature

Part 5 of 8

Hernandez hesitated before agreeing and I took several twenties from under the bill organizer and we bolted out the door. Alex and Yumi were already waiting out the front of terrible's and Hernandez and I sprinted across the street back to them. "What did you get?" I asked as the four of us headed down to the Walmart. "We grabbed two waters, two packs of energy drinks, and several instant food items." Alex answered. "Alright. Good. We'll do the rest here." I said as we arrived at Walmart. "I don't suggest carts would be silent enough for this." Yumi added. I nodded in agreement and went to the cashier lines. I grabbed several bags from the racks and waited for everyone else to do so.
"Switch partners and check the store. Mr. Hernandez and Yumi, go for the deli, refrigerated, fruits/vegetables and the aisles up to the frozen. Alex and I will check the pharmacy, frozens, household, and nutrition. Take no longer than forty-five minutes. By that time we'll have fifteen minutes between us leaving here and heading to my house." I explained. "Alright. Let's do this." Hernandez smirked. We turned different ways and started our search for everything. "Sammi let's hit the nutrition aisles first. They're the closest." Alex said. "Definitely. Take about three bags from there, two from the pharmacy, three from household, and three from frozens." I ordered.
I filled my bags up with nutritional shake formulas, skin care, over-the-counter meds and several different types of vitamins. "Are we good here?" Alex called out. "Yeah. Let me get the pharmacy open, you get stuff from the household and frozens." I stated. Alex nodded and I went over to the pharmacy. The lock was a numbered pad lock, but it was simple to figure out. It was a four digit and the four numbers were worn out very much. I tried several combinations until it opened. I went inside quietly and found a gun on the counter. Oh I hope all those shots with the BB gun help. I took it, checked the amount of ammunition in it, put it on safety and slid it into my waistband. Oh gosh, there was so much stuff we could use in here. I quickly filled my two bags and Alex's two bags with what seemed best to have and checked around once more.
I heard quiet grumbling and set up my arrow. "Who's there..?" I asked quietly. I turned a corner and my heart raced, I released the arrow and everything seemed to spin. Oh god, it was a little girl... And she wasn't turned. I knelt down next to her, retrieved my arrow, and stared at her frozen stare. "Wh-what have I done..?!" I whisper yelled. Alex shook me and I finally focused into what he said, "Sammi are you okay? Sammi please respond. Sammi!" "I killed her... I killed a little girl..." I whispered. "Sammi right now isn't the time to deal with that we need to go." Alex blurted out. Yumi and Hernandez were outside the pharmacy rushing Alex to get me out of there. "Y'know what. Hernandez here, take my stuff I'll carry her." Alex grumbled. Hernandez took his things and Alex lifted me up piggy-back style with the bags I had. The three of them started running out of Walmart, everything to me was still spinning as I was in his arms.


The End

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