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I chuckled softly and figured the rest out quickly. "So my group is of me, Mr. Hernandez, Alex, and Yumi. We'll quickly get to the Walmart, see what's left of the store, and take what we can carry." I said, Yumi was about to interrupt me but I hushed her. "Mayra's group will clear out my street and the house and prep it for anything that they can. Jayden, Mr. Goldstein, I'm entrusting you with their safety. Don't let me down. Also, Mayra's group will take the extra bow." I finished. I hope this plan works. "If we aren't back at the house by five-thirty, send two to search." Hernandez said. I gave Jasmine the door opener and pulled her in close, "If anything goes wrong, you'd better keep this safe."
The walking was silent for a good twelve minutes. Now it was finally time our groups took action and split off. I hugged everyone in Mayra's group tightly before we shelled off and went our separate ways. "Alex?" I whispered. "Yeah?" He asked. "Are you afraid..?" I replied. "Who isn't..." He trailed off. The rest of the ten minute walk was quiet otherwise the subtle grunts here and there. "Sammi, why did you have me in your group?" Yumi asked me. I needed to think of a good answer to give her.
"Yumi... I needed the groups to have about the same amount of protection. I couldn't have Mayra's group off with just Mr. Goldstein there to protect three girls." I finally answered, glancing back at Hernandez. He seemed very deep in thought. "Sammi should we check the other stores real quick?" Alex asked. "Definitely. We'll cover more ground if we split into pairs. Alex you and Yumi, Mr. Hernandez you and I. We'll go to seven-eleven and Alex you guys check out terrible's" I decided. I smiled brightly at him and Yumi then hugged them both tightly. "Be outside within ten minutes." I whispered to them before we split once more.
"Hernandez let's go. Hurry. Take only a few items of food and water. Make sure that they'll help us." I said as we entered the shop. I ran through it quickly grabbing four liter sized water bottles and put them into my bag, then grabbed a few packed meals from around the store. Wait, if that truck is still in front of my house I can unlock the door and hot wire it somehow, we might need gas. I jumped over the counter and tried breaking open the cash register. "What the hell are you doing?" Hernandez whisper-yelled. "If there's still gas in the station and there's a truck in front of my house, we can use money for some gasoline. Not like an empty store will need this right?" I said, finally opening the register.


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