Chapter One (Cont.)Mature

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“Alrighty. Jasmine, Yumi, Mayra, and Jayden; you’re our comic relief, k? K.” I stated. “Sammi knows karate.” Alex blurted out. “What.” I squeaked, my eyes widening. “She does?” Jayden asked, coming at me. I took his wrist and pulled his leg forward with mine, knocking him onto his back. “Yup. She does.” He croaked. I cupped my hands over my mouth and whispered, “Sorry, sorry, sorry.” “ Fuck, Sammi. That hurt.” Jayden said under his breath while he got up, “How are you even that strong?” “I’m not.” I chuckled, beginning to walk down the street.

“Hey, at least we don’t have to worry about traffic right?” I laughed, continuing down the street. "You'd better knock on some wood girl." Goldstein chuckled. I laughed some more and rasped my knuckles against Jayden's skull. "What the hell man." He grumbled. It's nothing, though I began to chuckle. "How far do you live Sammi?" Hernandez asked. "Less than a mile from the school, about a twenty minute walk. Fifteen if we're quick, but certain people are gonna complain I walk too fast so twenty to twenty-five is our best bet." I answered.

I began thinking a little more solidly. "Hey if this all ends some day and life goes back to normal, you guys aren't going to randomly pop up at my house right?" I asked. "No." Everybody answered, except Alex who said, "Maybe." between all the 'no's'. "Bros. Really?" Jayden snickered towards Alex. He nodded and I chuckled softly. "Wait. Do you have food?" Jasmine asked. "I have ramen and a bunch of rice and frozen meat if that counts." I answered. "Wait. Sammi we live by Walmart remember?" Mayra said. "Oh my gosh yes we should hurry then. Actually no. Groups. Mayra you lead one to my house and I'll lead the other to Walmart." I declared.

"Sounds good to me. Who's in what group?" Mayra asked. "We should base it off of who's faster for Sammi's group and the others will fall into Mayra's." Yumi stated. "Four per group sounds about good." Hernandez said. "I'll go with Mayra's group. Alex, you're probably faster than me and the other more experienced archer, you should go with Sammi." Goldstein declared. "I guess I'll go with Sammi." Hernandez stated. "Jasmine you'd probably be best at the house. I'm also gonna give you the garage door opener okay?" I said. "Sure." She replied. "Can't really expect me to hold a lot of food, huh?" Yumi asked.


The End

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