Chapter One (Cont.)Mature

Part 2 of 8

I looked around and saw a few zombies; as people in the past would call them. “Three.” I gestured to the rest of the group. Hernandez and Goldstein both nodded, and the three of us took them out silently. I jogged around quickly to retrieve the arrows and motioned for them to come out. “Sammi!” Mayra screamed. I turned around to see a zombie less than a foot away from me. This is it. I know it… I closed my eyes and suddenly felt a weight over me. Yet- I didn’t feel any pain. I opened one of my eyes and saw the zombie leaning on me with an arrow through its skull.

I let my breath go quick at first, then heavily until I had no air in my chest anymore. “W-what..?” I whispered. “Sammi thank god I got to you guys in time.” Alex sighed, jogging up to me, moving the zombie, and hugging me. I’m officially scarred. That was disgusting, oh gosh. “Damn Sammi, that was close.” Jayden laughed. “Shut up.” I blushed in frustration, “Shall we continue?” “Definitely. I want to get out of the open ASAP.” Jasmine declared. “Alrighty. Let’s go then.” I smirked, leading the way. “Where are we headed?” Alex asked Jayden. “Sammi’s place.” He replied. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Alex push up his glasses like he always did when referring to me.

“Okay so we were supposed to figure out our group after meeting up with Alex, right?” Yumi asked. “Yeah.” Goldstein and Hernandez answered. “Sammi was on the table for leader.” Mayra said. “I still don’t understand why I was thrown under the bus for that.” I muttered. “Well you’re extremely intelligent and that’s especially under pressure. But I believe we should have Mr. Goldstein or Mr. Hernandez as a leader.” Alex said. “I second that!” I hastened to say. “Ahaha, Sammi’s too weenie to be leader!” Jasmine teased. I quickly pinched her sides, tickling her, and glared at her. “I’m sorry.” She squealed.

“Okay, so, hawk eyes over here can handle archery for the most part.” I said gesturing to Alex and Goldstein. “Sammi is fast. Like, lightning bolt fast.” Mayra added. “Why is that important?” I asked. “Sammi, you can out run them and check areas. I think that’s what she’s saying.” Yumi replied. “Ugh. Fine. Anyhow. Mr. Hernandez was in the marines and Alex is a… uh… boxer, right? Well either way. That’s important. And blondie over here has them ‘muscles.’ So that’s good too.” I went on. Hernandez and Goldstein chuckled, probably at my last statement. “I’m okay with bows, but yeah, guns and one-on-one combat is my thing.” Hernandez stated. “I’m fine with being one of the hawk eyes.” Goldstein added.


The End

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