Chapter OneMature

Part 1 of 8

I looked around at everybody; most of them seemed a bit green. “Guys we have to get out of this gym.” I stated. “Where would we even go?” Hernandez snapped. “Sammi and I live close enough, though I’d rather her house.” Mayra answered. “Mr. Goldstein do you have more arrows?” Yumi asked. “Of course! Why wouldn’t I?” He stated, jogging over to the gym storage room. “I doubt the cars would be of very much use if they were even still here.” I muttered. “Yeah.” Jasmine agreed. “We could always walk to Sammi’s house, right?” Jayden asked. “Definitely.” Mayra answered.

My phone began ringing; it was my mom. I picked it up and she sounded frantic, “Samantha are you okay? Are you home?” “Mom- mom, you’re okay…” I whispered, “No, I’m at the school with six other people…” “Okay, you need to get home as soon as possible.” She hastened to say. The last thing I heard before she hung up were several screams. “No… no…” I began to choke up. My phone rang again, this time it was Alex whose contact name was “Penguin.”

I picked it up once more and asked, “Alex?” “Sammi! Thank god you’re alive. Where are you?” he blurted out. “I’m at Bailey with Mr. Goldstein, Mr. Hernandez, Jayden, Jasmine, Yumi, and Mayra; but we were just about to head to my house.” “Oh good, you’re still at Bailey. I’m a street down from it; we could meet on the way.” Alex said through the phone. “Sounds good to me.” I replied, hanging up. “Guys we can meet Alex on the way, he said he’s a street down from Bailey.” “Awesome.” Jayden yipped. “Alright. Let’s get our stuff together then.” Jasmine stated.

I’d left my back-pack untouched since the beginning of this. Everyone had told me that they were ready to leave and I began thinking things out. “We need to have our group organized. But we can figure that out after we meet up with Alex; hopefully he’s okay.” I murmured. “First of all, I nominate Sammi as leader.” Jasmine declared. “Wait what.” I snapped. “I agree, but we’ll save it ‘til we meet Alex.” Jayden replied. “Alright, if everybody is ready, let’s go.” Mr. Hernandez said loudly. We each grabbed a bow and Jayden took the extra one, then I sprinted out to go check the area.


The End

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