Prologue (Cont.)Mature

Part 3 of 3

Jasmine swallowed loudly and I took back my soda. The five of us started walking to the school’s entrance again. “You know what would be crazy?” Jayden asked. “If a zombie apocalypse happened when we walked out that door?” Jasmine answered with a question. “Yeah.” Jayden laughed. We finally got to the entrance and saw a wasteland in the parking-lot. Cars had been abandoned with bloody, cracked windows; we saw bodies of some of the sixth graders and worse, Natalie, Dayanira, and Destiny. “Oh my god…” Yumi whispered. Mayra started gagging. I whispered, “We’re going to need the bows…”

The five of us ran back to the gym, Jasmine began hyperventilating and we all started freaking out. “Mr. Goldstein, we… we have trouble outside. There’s… they’re dead… everybody…” Jayden stuttered. “Mr. Hernandez! Where are you?” Yumi called out. “Jayden, what happened? Take a breath.” Goldstein replied. “There’s dead people everywhere! They’re getting up and walking around! We need to protect ourselves.” I blurted out, “Mayra get Jasmine’s inhaler.” “Is there any lefties..?” Goldstein asked. “No. You can have that bow.” Yumi answered.

“What’s happened?” Goldstein wondered. I was about to explain when a dead person walked through the open door. “WHO LEFT THE DOOR OPEN?” Jasmine screamed. Jayden took a bow and launched an arrow at the dead person, hitting it a bit over the right eye. “Sammi get the door!” he ordered. I nodded and ran to the door, slamming it shut. Jayden retrieved the arrow and Mr. Hernandez appeared out of the boy’s locker room. He looked at the body and widened his eyes, then moved it out of the gym. “What the hell happened?” he asked. “It’s a lot to explain…” Mayra replied quietly.


The End

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