Prologue (Cont.)Mature

Part 2 of 3 

It was only a few minutes until four, and we were going to leave soon. “Yumi let me pick you up.” Jayden said excitedly. “Ugh. Fine.” She grumbled. Jayden went over to her and lifted her up. “I can pick her up bridal style. Ha. I win.” Jasmine boasted happily. “I bet I can too.” Jayden replied. He went over to Yumi and she jumped up into his arms. “Damn Yumi, you’re so light.” He laughed. I started laughing hysterically and Jayden approached me. “Jasmine, if I could lift Sammi up, I win.” He smirked. “W-wa-wa-wait. No.” I stuttered. “Come on Sammi.” Jayden whined.

“Ugh. Jesus Jayden. If you weren’t… Jayden, I guess, I wouldn’t let you do this.” I growled. He put his right arm behind my waist and the back of my knees. He lifted me up and started walking around. “Agh.” He said under his breath. He almost dropped me and I started laughing. “Free to go everybody!” Mr. Goldstein said. I ran over to get my back pack and got the soda from it, then carried it over to where Jayden and Jasmine stood. “Sammi don’t run away from your ride!” Mayra laughed. “Hurry up.” I giggled.

The five of us, Jayden, Mayra, Jasmine, Yumi and I started walking out the door. “Wait you have soda?” Jasmine asked. I started laughing and opened the can for it to start overflowing. “JASMINE HELP. DRINK IT PLEASE.” I yelled. “Ooh let me have some.” Jayden suggested. I handed him the can and he started to drink some. “Agh it went in my shirt!” he squealed. I broke out laughing and took the soda back to start drinking it. “Wait where’s mine?” Jasmine whined. “Here. Jeeez.” I sighed, chuckling.


The End

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