After school, these students find what happens to be a complete horror- a global epidemic spreading like wild fire. There's cannibals roaming about everywhere, feasting... killing all within reach. They have to find safety- no matter what the consequences.

Part 1 of 3

“Oh hey look, it’s Sammi.” Jayden chuckled. Jasmine turned around to look at me. “Where the hell did you come from?!” she yelled. I laughed and pointed at the door coming from the girl’s locker room. “And here come the populars…” Jayden sighed as Destiny and Natalie walked into the gym. “Alright, everybody!” Mr. Goldstein hollered, walking to the half-court line. It’s weird to think that us 13 and 14 year olds are actually learning archery.

“Alright, so since we’re with a good group, we’ll need to count off to who shoots at what time.” Mr. Goldstein ordered, “We’ll count off to four. We’ll start over here.” He gestured to the right end of the line and started counting everyone off. I stood between Jayden and Jasmine and couldn’t wait to shoot again. “Two,” Mr. Goldstein said to Jayden, then moved to me, “Three.” He finished off counting and called the ones up to grab bows. Everyone started their steps to shoot properly and the three of us laid down on the gym floor and started talking.

“Twos!” Goldstein boomed. Jayden hopped up and went to go get his bow, “I call Dayanira’s row.” The group at the shooting line shot their three arrows and returned. It was my turn to go up. “Sammi, I believe in you..!” Jasmine said in her cutesy voice. I got my bow and began shooting. Mr. Hernandez saw me miss my first shot and began lecturing me in a positive way. A little too positive. I shot again and later finished my rounds, then returned back. Jasmine was up. Her group was fast at their shot rates.

The End

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