Ancestors Land

The land Of Steel grows.
And a lone being must witness his Ancestors land become consumed.

      Droplets of dew twinkle and sparkle softly as the sun begins to come out of hiding, casting its' warm glow over the surface of our land. Morning birds sing their tunes of joy while the population of nocturnal residents hide away from the emerging daylight animals.

      I gaze in awe from my sanctuary atop my ancestors hill, struck motionless by its' captivating beauty. My body refuses to turn away from this wonderful sight, yet just as my soul begins to reside within the peacefulness of the Land, I hear a loud clanging noise!

"What is this sound??"
"Why is it here?"

      I glance around frantically, afraid of this unnatural sound. There, within 50 wing flaps, lie the source of this unnatural sound.

      Upwind and not to far away lies the  Land Of Steel, towering ominously into the great sky. Seven tear drops has this land of Steel thrived, but recently it has begun to eat away the land quicker than it can flee. Pawns venture out daily to lay their steel foundations for more destructive construction. My heart drops as I witness my ancestors land become consumed by this Steel Land.

      The natural beauty of the Land shall soon end at this rate, and it saddens me. Tears roll down my face and leap for the ground, the new year has begun. How is it these Pawns can so casually eat my ancestors Land? 

      No remorse and without feelings, very little of the Land remain. For they hunt us for place is no longer here...

It is time for me to depart from my ancestors land... 

The End

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