Chapter 3 – The Crazy HallMature

Chapter 3 – The Crazy Hall

Coral Hall was the one place nobody wanted to end up. Most people called it The Crazy Hall, but ‘crazy’ was an understatement to say the least. If you end up in Coral Hall, it means you’re a danger, not just to society, but to yourself and everyone around you. The level of danger went down in test centres; there were 10 of them, if you were in 10 than your mental health would be so appalling it’d be questionable as to why you are still alive but if you were in 1 then you’re probably only there for a month or so and you’re easier to reform. There are certain times a year that family and friends can go and visit those locked up in the Test Centres, you can’t actually see them face to face as there’s always going to be a plastic, non-explosive barrier between you and them, as say the safety laws, but it’s better than nothing.

Tammy was nearly there, the message that she was on her way had been sent so she had a 2 minute leniency that allowed her to be that little bit later. Test Centre 6 was home to an average amount of people, there are lots of people in Centres 1-3 and only around 2/3 in 8-10 so six was just below the average amount. Tammy had been trying all year to get clearance to go because, you see, when Tammy had arrived, she hadn’t arrived alone.

The incident that had brought Tammy here didn’t just bring her. She had had an accomplice, Aby. But there was a problem with her, when Tammy had told her to stop, she didn’t and soon after the guilt that ripped through her had drove her insane, her actions went drastic. When the girls got found out, they were assessed, every young offender was assessed, it was a way to prove that they did it and to test their tolerance, intelligence, blood pressure, everything. Especially mental Health, which was bad news for Aby. The girls were separated from then on but Tammy had been trying to see her ever since. There was always a lingering feeling in her stomach, like something was missing, she missed her friend. The very friend who spent most of her childhood defending Tammy, she was always a small girl with eyes that seemed that little bit too big for her face and whenever anyone pointed out this fat, Aby would scream at, she’d shout so much and made many a child cry but it was always worth it to see her friend happy again and watch her big eyes light up with joy. It was because of this that Tammy felt responsible for her. Aby was 3 months older than Tammy but she was never as tall, not even now.

Just in the nick of time, Tammy arrived at the entrance to Test Centre 6 her heart jumping, her mind racing. Was she going to tell Aby about her new discovery? They told each other everything but she wasn’t 100% sure if the conversations were monitored or not. They probably were which meant Tammy had to speak in code. The woman behind the desk looked frightful, must have been around 30, maybe a little bit younger. She had brilliant yellow hair (Honestly, yellow. Not blonde or white. Yellow.) that stuck out of its messily arranged bun at all angles, her blue eyes were open wide but there was no sign of life in them, her nose was too long and too thin for her average face and Jesus Christ, that smile. It looked as lough her lips had been stretched from one ear to the other and had been stapled there, it was startling! ‘No wonder these lot are so messed up, whenever they want to leave they see that face and go stark raving mad again’ Tammy thought as she waited for the lady to see her, as she waited she noticed that the woman was wearing a red top, not too low cut but enough to see a tiny bit of cleavage, but it wasn’t this that interested Tammy,. It was her necklace. Around her neck was a thin silver chain and on the end hung a star. Tammy was always interested in stars as she never really got to see any since she was locked up but just as Tammy’s mind began to wander the woman cleared her throat and with the most excruciatingly high pitched voice said: ‘How can I ‘elp ya?’ Tammy winced at the noise trying not to let the woman notice and lifted up her the first finger on her right hand, “Tammy Hopful, here to see Aby Smith. I have an appointment.” Tammy muttered. “Speak up love, I can’t ‘ear ya!” squeaked back the woman to which Tammy replied, almost shouting “Tammy Hopful! I have an appointment to see Aby?!” the lady looked startled at how aggressive Tammy had been, this worried Tammy so she took a breath and apologised, explaining how she’d been waiting for so long to see her friend. The woman was understanding and scanned her finger without delay. “Just wait over there love, somoeone’ll be with ya soon” squealed the woman as her long, bony finger pointed over to a set of pale, plastic chairs, the kind you don't really want to sit on.

The End

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