Chapter 2 – BelleMature

Chapter 2 – Belle

Bright, green eyes stared back at her. The look of terror with a slight glimmer of relief shone through them. A million times a Nano-second Tammy was falling in love with these eyes. But who did they belong to? What were they doing here? How was she going to sort this out? The owner of the eyes briskly stood up and breathed heavily, Tammy sat there, not taking her eyes off this mysterious figure once. Pale, smooth skin surrounded the eyes, and long black hair was falling over them. This thing, this person, this girl that Tammy had mistaken for a dog stood in awe at where she had ended up but Tammy didn’t care, she had 5ft 7inch of pure beauty standing above her. This was when Tammy realised she was still on the floor, a ping of panic rushed her feet to the floor and stood her up, “Who are you? What are you doing here?” The girl looked confused and scared which Tammy thought was uber-cute and made her smile. “Where am I? I was just trying to escape and now I have no idea where I am. Can you help me?” The girl’s voice was calm and sweet as sugar but with that sexy-deep tone to it so Tammy replied “First of all you’re somewhere you shouldn’t be, this is a detention camp, luckily for you this one’s quite layed back but you can’t stay. No matter how much I want you to you can’t. We’re not that dismissive. You need to hide, first of all what’s your name?” a look of shocked flashed on to the girl's face, she tilted her head slightly and responded with “Belle.”

It suited her perfectly; any idiot knows that Belle means Beauty and Tammy was so in awe of this girl’s beauty it made her weak at the knees. You see, when Tammy was 12 her and this other girl were being punished in front of everyone so the guards had stripped them down to their underwear and gotten the other inmates to throw things at them, then the guards made the two girls kiss as one final splash of humiliation before dragging them off to be cleaned but that was only Tammy’s second ever kiss (her first was a boy when she was 5 ½) and it felt right, even though it was a girl. So Tammy knew from then on she wasn’t straight, she wasn’t sure if she was just bisexual or full-blown-lesbo but she liked girls either way. And now the perfect girl stood in front of her, innocent and lost with nobody but her knowing she was there. Perfect. Tammy was just about to talk when her eye caught the digital clock embedded in the corner of the wall. “Shit” Tammy said out loud whereas Belle just stood there confused. It was 02:50 and she needed to leave, but what was she going to do with Belle, “What? What did I say?” Belle piped up however Tammy was too busy pacing, trying to think about what to do, she couldn't let this girl leave, not yet. In a flash Tammy grabbed Belle’s soft hand and dragged her back to the truck, boxes were scattered everywhere because of Belle’s recent presence there, Tammy reluctantly let go of Belle’s hand and climbed in. She sorted through some of the things and shoved others in various boxes although she left the biggest one empty, after a few minutes she started getting nervous and didn’t care about how things looked anymore. She threw the biggest box out and opened it surprisingly Belle knew what she wanted her to do almost immediately. She lifted herself up against the truck and climbed inside. Tammy closed Belle away and grabbed the fork lift, it lifted her without trouble so Tammy beeped in the directions to go to the room where broken items went, so she wasn’t searched until later that night “Stay hidden, I’ll come find you later” Tammy warned and Belle whispered back an “Ok” just before the machine came to life and set off on its electronic journey.

Tammy was alone again, but the time was 02:55 and she needed to hurry. She calmed herself down and wiped the excitement off her face as she walked through the door in a fluster trying not to show any kind of emotion that would make anyone suspect the event that just happened, actually happened. Walking over to the warden, she spoke: “I’m off now, I have reason. You can check my chip to be certain” sure enough the warden lifted up his small square device and Tammy put her finger on the red dot. There it was, she needed to go and so she did, as the door opened he said "Cutting it a bit close aren't we?". But she responded only with a nod. Tammy was running now, she needed to get to Coral Hall and fast, not to mention where she needed to be was Test centre 6, the centre right in the midst of it all. Tammy decided to take the short-cut and so she typed in the urgency and destination onto the ‘help’ part on the wall list. A small board came out the wall and attached itself to Tammy before whizzing her off to her destination.

The End

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