Analyzing Age Of Miracles (16-25)

So julia thinks that her father is in love with another woman. On new years eve julia and her mom head to a party. Julia's mom passes out while she is driving. She hits a man and finally wakes up and slams her brakes. we later find out that julia's mom has a mental disorder caused by the slowing with a side affect being passing out randomly.

Crisis, these paragraphs mainly focused on crisis. Julia's mom crashed into that man killing him. She later found out she had a mental disorder caused by the slowing. Julia's grandfather told a story of when he was in alaska and the peak of a mountain fell onto a church wear a wedding was happening. Julia is worried her father is having an affair with their neighbor. "I saw him only briefly, and I was at the same time searching for the steering wheel, which was suddenly free of my mothers grip". "I remember the hollow thud on the hood and then the screeching of tires as my mother came to and hit the brakes." ""I was at a wedding when it happend," he continued. "Twenty three people were buried alive."". "I imagined he'd come from sylvia's. I sensed a rushed goodbye no her porch, a quick kiss in the entry hall" 

The conflict is starting to change how they think. It is also starting to affect thier mental well being. Julia's mom has the slowing disorder which causes her to pass out quite often. Julia's father is starting to think it's okay to have an afair. The way the time works are affecting peoples brains.

I think the slowing and the fact that she is coming of age is affecting julia alot. How she sees her life, her friends, and her family. She's become increasingly depressed throughout the whole book so far. So those are the main 2 things driving her actions. I think another could whats happening in julias family right now.

The End

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