Screw Up- Big Time

When Melancholy reached station 12 he walked in a prepared to take over Masculine's job.

I need to think like Masculine if I don't want to mess this up.

Okay, well this shouldn't be so hard. He's just concieted.

As soon as he took over Jeremy's masculinity, he grew depressed.

Jeremy, who had been speaking with his girlfriend, broke down crying, saying all of the things that were bugging him about her.

He begged for her to stay with him.

To not leave.

Of course, scared with his sudden change of mood, she left him standing on the sidewalk, sobbing to himself.

Oh no, I screwed that up! Melancholy cried to himself.

"What do you think you're doing!" Masculinity yelled at him. " I didn't mean take over my job! Just man up! Dude, I cannot believe you did that!"

With that, he stormed away.

Great, now I've lost someone else, just like I lost Sue. Melancholy thought as he walked slowly away.

The End

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