Manning Up

"Dude, you need to stop whining and just man up." came a voice from behind them.

Rejection turned around and stared up at Masculinity who was flexing his muscles. She stared daggers at him and mouthed silently for him to shut up and go away but he ignored her.

"Seriously dude, you need to stop being such a pansy, crying in public, showing your feelings all over the place. No-one likes to see that."

Melancholy sniffed. "But..."

"Butts are for sitting on dude, you should like, grow a beard and do some bench presses and uh.. stuff." Masculinity said, he was rapidly running out of ideas. "What were we talking about again?"

Rejection squinted evilly at him. "We were talking about how Vanity had some new mirrors installed in the gym and wanted you to test them out." She said acidly.

"Totally awesome. I'll get down there and help her out." Masculinity winked, elbowing Melancholy in the shoulder. "If you know what I'm sayin', yeah? Yeah?"

Melancholy held back a sob and just nodded.

"All right! See you ladies later!" Masculinity said. He flexed his muscles one last time then headed off to the gym.

Rejection breathed a sigh of relief. "That guy is such an dumbass."

Melancholy just sniffed, on the edge of entering yet another round of sobbing. Rejection looked around for help but no-one was there and even though it wasn't her problem, she'd feel kind of guilty just leaving him here.

Suddenly her pager went off. It was work, there was an emergency and she needed to get down to the situation room right away.

Melancholy didn't fail to notice the beeping pager either and when Rejection began to explain he just nodded and motioned for her to go.

"I'll be okay." He sniffed and wiped his nose. "You go. Thanks for talking to me."

Rejection slid her pager back into her handbag and dashed off leaving Melancholy all alone in the canteen. He couldn't even throw himself into his work, it came so infrequently he might as well be unemployed. There was a busy stint a few years ago, that's where he'd met Sue but the world had moved on without him. Sue didn't work at all any more as far as he knew and so he only ever saw her in the canteen at lunch. Where she went the rest of the time was a mystery. He'd entertained the idea of following her and even tried talking to Obsession about it, hypothetically of course, but Obsession hadn't been much help as shed been busy working on something and hadn't really paid him much attention.

He stood up from the white plastic chair and decided to head home when he heard another beep. he looked around but saw no-one until he noticed that on the floor by his feet was a pager. He picked it up and there was a request scrolling along it's screen.

Report to station 12 immediately, action required. 

He must have dropped it while he was flexing behind him. Melancholy began to head to the gym to find him when he stopped and thought about what Masculinity had said. You need to man up. Maybe he was right. Maybe he should try doing more manly things and what better way to do so than by doing Masculinity's job? Masculinity surely wouldn't mind an extra few minutes in front of the gym mirrors. Just in case, he went back to the canteen and left his own pager where he had found Masculinity's one, so that Masculinity wouldn't get upset about losing his if he came back. A faint smile crossed Melancholy's lips and he dashed off to station 12.

This could be just the break I need. Thanks Masculinity. You know, if this works out maybe I will grow a beard.

The End

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