An Uprising of Emotions

Jeremy Wilde had no idea how things had ended up like this but despite the concrete walls of his prison cells, he felt oddly jubilant. In fact, he thought as he looked back through his mind, he'd been feeling rather oddly for quite a long time.

It had all started when he was sipping a cup of tea while on his lunch break at the supermarket.

At least, that's what Jeremy thought. In truth, things began just a little before and not in the mundane world of the supermarket but in the rather more interesting realm of Jeremy's emotional landscape.


Emotions have feelings too. This is their story.


Melancholy was moping in the corner again. The bitter tears of rejection had been running down his face ever since the fateful event. He'd been courting Suicidal Thoughts, or Sue for short, but as usual they never seemed to follow through. Optimism always seemed to ruin everything.

What was that guy's problem? Persecution he could understand, in fact they'd become close friends ever since the nasty incident at summer camp but Optimism always seemed to have had it in for Melancholy. It was enough to make you cry.

Rejection did her best to ignore the renewed sobbing. She'd long learned it was best not to get involved. Besides, her husband Revenge was awfully jealous, although she imagined that someone as pathetic as Melancholy would be safe from his ire.

The sobbing ceased, now escalating into wailing and so she decided that she had had enough. Despite her misgivings, she walked across the empty canteen to Melancholy and patted him on the shoulder.

"There, there." She said awkwardly. She didn't really have much experience with this kind of thing.

There was a sniff, the horrible snort of mucus being sucked through sinuses and Melancholy looked up, teary eyed.

"Oh rejection, it's not fair! Why is everything so hard? What did I do to deserve such misery?"

The End

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