Chapter 16Mature

Chapter 16


Frankie stayed at my house the whole day with us dressing up to go out while Eddie went home to get change and came back. Frankie got made up in a half thigh length black mini skirt, a silver and black halter neck top and some purple and black kitten heels with a silver bangle, silver charm ankle bracelet and gold hoop diamante earrings. All of these things borrowed from me, most of the stuff Frankie wears is the stuff that I don’t wear. I got made up in my black silk lined skirt with my Vintage  off the shoulder silver top with my second pair of the kitten heels but in sea green and black with black stars dangling from silver chains as earrings and a matching necklace. When Eddie came back he was dressed in a smart clean white collared shirt with nice blue jeans, trainers, his soft brown hair jelled up spiky and altogether he looked quite good. He looked so good that when he climbed back in the window Frankie went berserk.

When we all went downstairs there was the two police officers back again talking to mum, dad and Joanna about the plan. Stacey was sitting near eves dropping whilst Michael wasn’t interested at all as he was playing his XBOX.

“Where’s Adam?” I asked when we got downstairs

“He isn’t here darling” Mum replied “He said he had somewhere he needed to be”

He needs to be here I thought. I need him here with me!

Frankie and Eddie got tape recorders stuck to their tummies and chests while I got a star pendant that had a tiny microphone inside of it. We sat there testing the earpieces, the wires and the microphone out to make sure they were working then we all said goodbye and left in a normal car the police had supplied that they would be sat in listening to what was going on. By the time we got to the club I was shaking like mad and so was Frankie as I could feel her knee shaking against mine in the car. Eddie seemed to be the most calm one out of us all as it looked like he wasn’t breaking a sweat but I noticed he kept squeezing Frankie’s hand every time we went round a corner or went over a speed bump. We pulled up the front entrance of the club and someone opened the door for me. It was Adam!!!

“What are you doing here?” I whispered

“Being somewhere I needed to be, like I told mum” Adam smirked

“What are you doing though?” I asked as I looked around. I suddenly noticed he had an earpiece and was wearing a tux.

“I got a job as a bouncer here and changed my shift for tonight”

“Thank you” I whispered

“Well I couldn’t not look out for my little sis now could I?” Adam smirked. I suddenly hugged him really tight which made the other bouncers look at us. We all clambered out of the car.

“You remember what to say don’t you?” The woman police officer said

“Yeah” I said back. We all walked to the front entrance with Adam who let us in and as we went down the stairs I vaguely heard Adam say to the other bouncers that I was a fan which made me smile as we carried on through the bag check and through to the club. We stepped through the purple satin curtains to the bar and I gasped as I spotted Lewis sitting at the end of the bar sipping a Martini. I grabbed Frankie’s hand and Eddie’s hand the other side and squeezed their hands.

“It’s ok babe” Frankie reassured me

“You can do it Ror!” Eddie whispered the other side

“I can do this!” I said as I squeezed their hands once more, let go and stepped down the steps to the bar and took a seat the other end of the bar to Lewis to see if he realized and came over. I ordered a cherry and vodka and sipped it for a minute while Frankie and Eddie made their way to a sofa close by.

Maybe this isn’t such a good idea! Maybe I’m making a big mistake? What if we didn’t even do anything? I can’t prove we did! What if we comes after me-? I thought but I was stopped mid thought by a cold hand on my neck. A shiver was sent all the way down my spine which made me tingle with fear as the cold spread over my neck.

“Hello there darling” he whispered “I hoped you would come” I took a massive gulp, breathed out and turned round to face Lewis.

“Well I’m here” I replied a little shakily “What do you want?” I asked a little more sternly

“You know what I want babe” He breathed as he reached over me to put his drink on the bar.

“Right I know this will be hard but you need to ask him what he wants you to do to him” I heard from the earpiece. It the woman police officer who was speaking to me.

“What do you want me to do…to you?” I asked taking a big gulp

“Everything” He breathed

“Like?” I asked getting a little annoyed with the simplicity of his answers

“What we did last time!”

“What exactly did we do last time?”

“Well you were great at getting me ready for it!”

“And what did you do?” I asked

“I used my tongue in ways which made u moan for the heavens!” He laughed. Gross! I thought to myself.

“Did we…” I asked trailing off

“We sure did!” he laughed “Don’t you remember?”

“Don’t you remember how drunk I was?!” I laughed back

“Oh yeah!”


“Yeah! I had to carry you from the club to my flat”

“I hope I wasn’t too much to carry” I laughed trying to coax him into telling us where he lived

“Oh no you weren’t!” he reassured me “plus I only live a street away from here”

“Really?” I asked “so does my mate, she lives at 29 Forest Avenue. Do you know it?” I lied

“Are you kidding? I live at 24 Forest Avenue!” He beamed “Weird coincidence eh?”

“You betcha!” I laughed

“Now!” He snapped “Back to tonight”

“Ok” I gulped in fear “What about tonight?” I asked as I calmed again

“You are going to repay me for how you embarrassed me” He replied as he leaned into me sliding his hands up my thighs.

“How could I repay you for that?” I asked. I already knew what he wanted but I needed him to say it on tape.

“You are going to shag me until you cannot anymore and do everything and anything I want you to!” He hissed sliding his hands up my skirt so his hands were at the rim on my waist. I suddenly sat up as he moved some of his fingers closer. I was thinking that I couldn’t believe he was trying to do this in a public bar with people inches away from us.

“Rory!” The earpiece hissed “you’re going to have to hurry this up; my partner is having to hold off your brother!” Oh my god! I thought. I forgot about Adam, Frankie and Eddie completely. I looked over Lewis’s shoulder to see Frankie and Eddie cuddling up together on the sofa but Lewis realized and turned round to look at them.

“Who are you looking at?” he snapped as he turned back to me

“No one” I quickly replied “I thought I saw someone I knew”


“My friend Frankie” I said reluctantly because I realized that if he turned around again he would recognize her

“The girl my friend Leo went off with the other night?” He asked

“Yes, her” I replied. He quickly turned round as I gasped and held my breath at the thought of him going over to her and involving her and Eddie in this but I sighed with relief when he turned round as it revealed that Frankie and Eddie had realized they were being watched and had moved. The problem for me was that I couldn’t depend on their support because I didn’t know where they were until I heard a squeak that I recognized in the earpiece and then the police woman told me that Eddie and Frankie had come back to the car. I was relieved that everyone was safe and so carried on with my investigation.

“So!” I said snapping back into the conversation “What if I didn’t want to go along with your little plan?” I asked wondering what his reply would be.

“You can’t refuse” He replied chugging back the rest of his martini

“And why not?” I asked

“Because you have no choice!”

“Don’t I?”

“No, you don’t” He said ordering a beer and another cherry vodka for me

“What if I decided to get up and walk out of here right now?” I asked

“I would find you!” he said calmly “remember, I know all you’re details!” he laughed. I sat there in horror for a minute then continued.

“I heard you’re car the other day” I stated “it sounded nice! What is it?”

“It’s a Ferrari!” He remarked with a big smile, obviously he loved his car.

“Oooh nice!” I swooned “I wonder if you could show me?” I asked hoping he would show me

“Yeah sure. I’ll show you when we go back to my house, it’s parked on my drive under a cover” He replied sipping his beer. I decided to turn it up a notch and kissed him long and hard on the mouth which was disgusting because he hadn’t shaved and I could taste his nasty beer breath. I kissed him for a minute or two as he moved his fingers where he had them on my legs which made me want to wriggle away. I pulled away and went to grab my handbag from the side when he grabbed my arm. I gasped as he planted a kiss on me pressing my back down on the bar. He continued to move his fingers until I grabbed his arm with my free hand and planted it on my ass which he squeezed. He suddenly let go of my arm.

“Do you want to dance?” he asked. What??? Dance? What??? I was thinking

“Umm ok” I replied, grabbed my bag and followed him onto the multi colored flashing dance floor.

“You’re stunning!” He shouted at me over the blasting music

“You’re not too bad yourself” I shouted back. He spun me and pulled me in close to him placing one hand on my ass and the other on the small of my back.

“You are going to sleep with me!” he hissed at me then kissed me

“Am I really!” I hissed back trying to get out of his vice grip but he pulled me back

“You have no escape” He sneered

“Don’t I?” I said back

“Why are you being so awkward?” he asked

“Because I don’t see how you are going to make me!” I remarked

“Well…” He spun me out and spun me back in grabbing my ass again. “Let’s just say that I have a long, hard something in my pocket” he leaned close into me “and it’s loaded!” he laughed. My body suddenly became stiff with terror as he pressed me against him and I could feel what he was talking about. We danced tightly for a minute or two until he let go to answer his phone.

“Where are you mate?” he said down the phone. He still had hold of one of my hands

“O really! I’m in Mcluskey’s” he replied “with my girlfriend” he smiled at me. GIRLFRIEND!!! GIRLFRIEND!!! I’m not his girlfriend!!! I thought to myself

“No don’t bother coming down, we’re leaving in a minute!” he spoke down the mobile. Thank god! We were leaving. What he didn’t know was that there were two police officers and two guys waiting outside for him. I smirked to myself as he grabbed my bag and pulled me towards the door but suddenly stopped when he turned round and kissed me for the whole club to see before we went up the now lit up winding stairs.

“You sure you want to do this?” I asked as we reached the top of the staircase

“And miss out on a night’s shag! I don’t think so!” He laughed and pushed open the entrance door. Suddenly we were facing everyone out on the street and to my horror Lewis pulled out the gun as quickly as light at held it to my head!!! SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT! I suddenly screamed help and everyone in the street turned round. He put his hand over my mouth while I squirmed. The police officers were stood the other side of the car with guns ready to shoot.

“Anybody move and I kill her!” He shouted out. I squirmed even more and stamped on his foot which made him release the hand that was on my mouth.

“ADAM!!!” I screeched out praying that he would save me then suddenly I heard a “thwack” noise behind my head and I was released. Lewis fell to the floor and I looked up in amazement to find Adam standing there holding a pint glass up in the air. I hugged Adam tight around the waist while the police woke Lewis up and got him in the car with the woman reciting his rights.

“Adam thank god you were here!” Frankie and Eddie say as they run over to hug both me and Adam.

“Well, I couldn’t let my little sis go without her big bro now could I?” he smirked, looked and winked at me. Suddenly I was beaming the biggest smile I’ve had I ages and hugging Adam after this whole nightmare I was okay and I was with my brother and my friends who love me. Thank god!

We all pile into the car and drive home silently with nothing but the murmur of the police radio and the screeching of the wheels as we turn the corners making a noise. We reached the end of my street and I grabbed Adam’s hand and squeezed it tight. We pulled up on the curb outside our house and piled out. I got out the car and looked at the spot of the street where only the day before that disgusting boy Matt kissed me and Charlie saw it, that was the last time I had talked to Charlie since. Eddie wrapped his arm around my shoulders, Frankie wrapped her arm around my wait and they both turned to lead me towards the front door. We got to my porch and just as the safety light comes on I hear footsteps behind me. I sharply turn round wary of what or who might be behind me to find Charlie standing there with his hair ruffled, t shirt scruffy and ruffled and I noticed his eyes were a little darkened like he hadn’t been sleeping well.

“Can we talk” He murmured scuffing his trainer on the paving stone we were standing on.

“Sure” I reply. I turn to Frankie

“Go, me and Eddie will go up to your room to wait for you.” She says and squeezes my hand. I turn, brush past Charlie and walk into the open street and under the dimmed glaze of the yellow street lamp acting as a spot light. I listen to the sounds of the night and the road for a moment hearing the rustle of the leaves in the trees as the wind gushes past their brittle branches, the beeping of the cars in the distance from the main road near my road and somewhere I could hear a little music that sounds like its from the 80’s until I hear the shuffle of Charlie’s footsteps approaching. I open my eyes to see his beautiful diamond blue eyes gazing down on me and feel the wind whisk past me and lift the light hairs on the back of my neck.

“Can we talk?” Charlie requests once again.

“Yes” I quietly reply

“Well, umm” Charlie scuffs his trainers and shoves his hands in his pocket.

“Umm?” I reply stepping towards him, begging him to talk.

“When I saw you…” he trails off


“Matt, umm, kissed you?” He asks as he looks down at his feet

“Yes, yes he did” I reply “but I didn’t kiss him back” I reply grateful for the chance to say my side of the story.

“I, I know” Charlie stutters

“You do?” I asked surprisingly

“Frankie told me” he smirks and looks up at me.

“Aha” I continue “I had a feeling she had something to do with this” I smile looking back in his eyes that were shimmering in the amber glaze.

“I couldn’t sleep” he whispers

“I know”

“You know?” He asks surprised

“You’re eyes” I smile as I dip my head sideways

“Oh” He replies solemnly as he looks downwards. I lift my hand and press it on the side of his cheek lifting his head to look at me.

“I would never kiss him” I reply reassuringly. Suddenly he wraps his arms around my waist bringing my inwards to him and locks his soft, warm lips with mine. We stand there for what seems like forever in that embrace which I wish could last a lifetime then break off gently. We stand there smiling at each other like idiots until I grab his hands and lead him into the house.

The End

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