Chapter 15Mature

Chapter 15



I jumped up and ran upstairs. I ran the shower and shut the bathroom door so the room would be nice and warm when I had a shower while I got undressed and into the dressing gown. I was just about to walk out of my room when I heard “Beep Beep, Beep Beep” I picked up my handbag and fumbled around for my phone.


Hey babe, how are you?

Are you home yet?

Do u wanna meet up at mine?

F x


I text back.


Hey, I’m ok…

I got home

Bout 10 mins ago

Sounds great

C U there

R x


I put the radio on and took it in the bathroom with me and took a nice, warm, relaxing shower. When I got out I turned the radio off because it was the news and heard someone knocking at the door. I quickly wrapped a towel around me and peeked my head out of the door.

“You’re phone has been ringing for about 5 minutes now ror! Answer it already!” Stacey moaned and went down stairs. Who the hell is ringing me? I thought.

I ran in my bedroom whilst turning myself into a Hindu with a turban on my head and answered my mobile.

“Hello?” I say as I answer the phone but there is only silence on the end of the line

“Hello?!” I say a little louder as I turn my bedside lamp on. Suddenly I can hear heavy breathing at the end of the line.

“Who, Who is this?” I ask shakily

“Don’t you remember me?” The voice says. OMG! I recognize that voice from somewhere.

“Should I?” I ask scanning my brain from where I know that voice from

“Did you like the drinks I bought you?” The voice laughed at the end of the line. Shit! It’s Lewis from last night!

“H, how did you get my number?” I asked

“I got it out of your mobile this morning” The voice laughed. “By the way. You look great in a towel too!” He said as he fell into a fit of laughter. What?? A towel? I was wearing a towel! Could he see me now? Shit! Shit! Shit!

“What do you want?” I asked shakily

“You” He whispered


“You were so good last night, It was amazing!” he laughed “Don’t you want that again?”

“I’m okay thanks, I’ve had enough!” I replied trying to sound stern

“Well that’s nice. I’m not”

“What?” I panicked

“See you soon” The voice trailed off. Suddenly I heard the rumble of an engine and a screech of some tires going down the road. Shit! He knows where I live! He knows my mobile number! Shit! Shit! SHIT! I decide not to tell mum and Joanna just yet. I get dressed and leave for Frankie’s.

I walk as quickly as possible to Frankie’s, looking around every corner and behind me every five seconds to check if he is there. I get to the end of Frankie’s road and run the rest of the way as I heard an engine rumble.

“Why hello there Rory” Frankie’s mum politely says as she opens the door to a puffing and panting, sweaty girl on her doorstep.

“Hello Mrs. Morris, can I come in?” I asked catching my breath and standing up.

“Yes dear, Frankie is up in her room” Frankie’s mum replies stepping out of the doorway to let me in. I scrubbed my trainers on her doormat then took them of before I went up to Frankie’s room.

“Hey babe just a sec, got to finish this email to Eddie” Frankie said as I came in her room. I went and sat on her bed staring at my mobile in terror thinking that he could call at any time. Frankie rapidly typed and clicked the email to send and swiveled around to face me. Immediately she must have seen the terror on my face as her smile dropped and she came and sat next to me.

“What’s up babe?” Frankie asked

“My phone” I mumbled back

“You’re phone?” Frankie asked as she grabbed my mobile to check it “Nothing’s wrong with it!”

“Someone called me”

“Charlie? Oh my god! What has he said? Did he break up with you? Oh my god, baby?” Frankie squeaked as she hugged me.

“No. It wasn’t Charlie. I haven’t spoken to him.” I solemnly said

“Who then babe? I’m running out of ideas here!” Frankie smiled

“Lewis” I mumbled


“Lewis! The guy from the bar!!!” I said louder

“Why, What, How?” Frankie squeaked

“I didn’t tell you all that happened last night Franks”

“What do you mean?”

“After we left you and Leo at the bar which I am sorry about, we went back to his flat, and…” I trailed off

“You didn’t!!!” Frankie gasped

“I did!!!” I shrieked


“I was so drunk, I could barely stand. I wasn’t sober enough to do anything about it!” I cried

“Oh my god ror! I’m so sorry that you’re first time was when you were drunk!” Frankie cried as she wrapped her arms around me.

“What! Why does everyone seem to think that I am a virgin here!?” I asked as I got up off the bed.

“Why?” Frankie asked looking very confuzzled “Aren’t you?”  I walked over to the window and looked down the road trying to avoid the question because I meant to tell Frankie but with all the secretive sneaking about and getting home I didn’t get the chance to.

“Ror?” Frankie asked worryingly

“Ok!” I suddenly spun round to face the music “I’m not!”

“When? Who?”

“Umm….on the train on the way back from Brighton” I blushed

“…god!  Frankie replied

“What?” I asked. Surprised by her response

“Umm….I didn’t tell you something about that day either”

“You didn’t!!!”

“I did!!!” Frankie giggled and slid off the bed onto the floor

“Oh my god!” we giggled and we stood up shrieking at each other for a minute.

“But wait, what I don’t understand is why you were looking at you’re mobile in fear?”

“Oh” I sighed

“What is it bubble?” Frankie asked as she went into worry mode again

“Well you know the guy last night, Lewis?”

“Yeah!” Frankie replied confused

“Well this morning when I was getting ready to come round here my mobile rang for 5 mins until Stacey moaned at me to answer it so I did!” I explained

“Yeah, who was it?”

“It was Lewis!!!” I answered

“What!?” Frankie shrieked “What did he want? And how did he get you’re mobile number?”

“He got my number off of my mob when I was asleep this morning and now he wants more!” I explained. I was getting even more terrified as I explained and I couldn’t help looking out the window for cars that would match the engine rumble I heard earlier.

“More of what?”

“More of me!” I shrieked. As soon as I said it the reality of the situation hit me like a rock and I knelt down and started crying. “I can’t even go out on the street without looking over my shoulder for him!” I sobbed

“I’m soo sorry baby” Frankie comforted me as she hugged me on the floor.

Suddenly we heard Frankie’s mum coming up the stairs and jumped on the computer because Frankie’s mum is the sort of mum that if she gets hold that something is wrong she will niggle every single little detail out of you and tell your parents before you can stop her, so everyone avoids letting her know something is wrong, Especially Frankie!

We logged onto Frankie’s email account and a pinging noise came from the speakers which scared me.


(2 new emails)


Flashed up on the screen when we logged on and Frankie went on to read them.

The first one was a junk email which I had told Frankie to report but obviously she hadn’t so I took over the mouse and did it for her. She went back to her Inbox and found an email from Eddie.


Hey cuddles


I’m okay at the moment. I am just playing cards with my little brother and he is beating me!!! As always!!! Grr


Remember you cannot make any plans for tonight as I have a special surprise for you at mine and we have the house all to ourselves (growl)


Love you soooo much baby and always will…no matter what!


C u tonight xxxx


I looked at Frankie when I finished reading it and she was blushing!!!

“Oh my god Miss Morris! What are you planning to get up to eh?” I giggled

“Nothing misses Mills! Eddie just wants to make up for missing out half a year anniversary tonight. That’s all!”

“Oh Ok, I believe you” I said to Frankie trying to keep a straight face

“Really?” Frankie asked me with her shaped eyebrow raised

“NO!” I burst out laughing and got up and went to look through her CD’s

“You have crap music again Franks!” I called out from the cupboard

“I know. You have better. Can we go to yours?”

“Sure” I said getting up.

We said goodbye to Frankie’s mum and started doing the conga down the road until we got to the high street when we just made silly faces at passing cars until we got to the top of my road and started the conga again until Suddenly I heard a rumble of an engine and screamed.

“What is it ror?” Frankie questioned. I started walking again and explained.

“This morning on the phone to Lewis he said that I looked good in a towel-.”

“But you do look good in a towel bubble” Frankie interrupted me

“Yes I know!” I giggled “But the point is that I was wearing a towel when he said that”

“Ooh spooky” Frankie said

“Then I heard a rumble of an engine and a screech of some wheels down the road when he put the phone down!”

“Oh! Now I understand!” Frankie replied as we got to my front garden. We went in and up to my room. Frankie looked around my Cd’s while I looked at my emails.


(2 new emails)



The screen flashed after I entered my password. Uh oh! Who could I have an email from? It wasn’t Frankie as she would have told me she had emailed me when I got to hers. It couldn’t be Eddie because he only ever contacts me to see where Frankie is, it couldn’t be Toni or Luke because they had all got slaughtered last night and would be still half passed out at Luke’s and It wouldn’t  be Charlie as he is pissed as hell at me after what happened yesterday. So who could it be? I opened my inbox and saw one email from Lewis!!!! Which made me panic and then I saw an email from Charlie who calmed me and panicked me at the same time?  I decided to Open Lewis’s email first as I knew what to expect with this email.


Hello there Rory,


I hope you still remember me!

I want to see you again…soon so we can have fun like last night again

I know you’re email, mobile number and where you live now so you cannot hide.


Also I now know where you’re lovely friend Frankie lives now. Thank you for that. That info may come in handy in the future if you know what I mean!


Meet me at Mcluskey’s at ten o’clock tonight and we’ll see what arrangement we can come up with. See how you can pay me back for the money you stole and the disappointment and pain you caused me when you left.


See You Soon Sexy x


SHIT!!!! I screamed at the top of my lungs not realizing that I was screaming out loud. Frankie suddenly jumped and came to me while everyone else bombarded the doorway.

“What’s the matter darling?” Joanna asked as she squeezed through the door.

“Someone get me the phone!” I demanded. Frankie handed me the home phone from my bed and I punched in 911 and held the phone to my ear listening to the dialing tone.

“Good afternoon, which service do you require?” The servicewoman asked

“Police please” I replied. I looked around the room at everyone and saw they were all very worried and confused. I stepped aside and let them all read the email. I moved over to the window and looked out the window and down at the road where I saw Libby (next door’s three year old) dangerously bouncing around on a trampoline.

“Police here, how can we help?” The police phone woman asked

“I believe I have been assaulted and am being harassed by the man that assaulted me!” I said. They said they would be round the house shortly and I hung up.

“Rory! What have you got yourself into?” Adam asked. He opened his arms and I walked over and hugged him.

“The police will be here shortly” I said

“Let’s all go downstairs and I’ll put the kettle on yeah?” Joanna suggested. We all bundled downstairs and everyone hugged me. We all sat down as mum made the teas (and hot chocolates for Me, Frankie, Adam, Stacey and Michael) and I was lying in between Frankie and Joanna watching Eastenders when I felt something poke my ear quite hard. I lifted my head up off of Joanna’s tummy in shock and sat there gazing at her tummy.

“That was a hard one wasn’t it?” Joanna said as she looked at me

“Did they kick?” I asked excited and grossed at the same time

“Yeah! They must want to come out soon! At least I hope they do. This pregnancy is doing my back in lugging these two about with me!” Joanna Laughed. The doorbell went and we all tensed, Frankie squeezed my hand as a two police officers walked in the door (a man and a woman) and sat down while mum fussed around making tea.

“Now Rory is there somewhere private we could go?” The woman police officer asked me

“My room is upstairs” I replied

“Ok we’ll go and talk up there” She said as she got up. I looked around at everyone and saw Frankie looking at me helplessly.

“Could my friend come, she knows everything already?” I asked

“Ok. As long as you tell us everything!” The woman said as we all got up and went upstairs.

We sat in my room for about an hour talking about everything, what could be done and what he could be charged with. Then finally I came up with a plan that the Police woman agreed with and that they would help me with. We went downstairs to tell everyone the plan.

“You are going to do no such thing young lady!” Dad blurted out as soon as we had explained the plan.

“I am. It’s the only way that we will get him!” I explained

“But it’s such a risk!” Joanna agreed with dad

“It’s my mess and I need to sort it” I said “Plus ill have their team behind be all the way” I said pointing to the two police

“She needs to do this Mike!” Mum blurted out interrupting our debate.

“Hmmmpppfff” Dad huffed as he got up and went into the kitchen. I turned to the lady officer.

“We will be connected throughout the whole thing, ok?” she asked

“I’m up for the challenge. As long as I get to put that creep away!” I replied

“Good. So we’ll see you there at nine thirty!” The man officer said as they went out the door

“I can’t believe you’re going to do this Ror!” Frankie screeched as we got up to my room

“Well thank you for helping me” I said as I hugged Frankie

“Help with what?” A different voice came from my window. Panicked both me and Frankie turned around to see who was at my window and sighed with relief when we saw Eddie on my window sill. We ran to the window and helped him in from the ladder he had used to get up. We locked the windows again and drew the blinds just to be cautious.

“What’s with the lock down people?” Eddie laughed

“Ssshhhh” both me and Frankie hissed at Eddie and sat him down on the bed. Frankie explained everything to Eddie while I was looking on my Bebo.

“Oh my god Ror-.” Eddie said

“Don’t you dare say sorry!” I snapped before he could carry on

“Alright Ror! Calm down!” Frankie stepped in on Eddie’s defense.

“Sorry. I’m just a little on edge about tonight”

“I would be too Ror! I can’t believe you are going ahead with it” Eddie said.

“Well it’s the only way we’re going to be able to do this”

“It’s so risky though, he could do something unexpected”

“I’ll be ok, I’ll have Frankie!” I said wrapping my arm around her shoulders

“Right! Now I am deffineatly coming!” Eddie said

“What??” I screeched

“You can’t come!” Frankie insisted

“Why not?” Eddie asked

“Because it will be unexpected!” I butted in

“Fine. I’ll go with you but I will be in the background as regular on the bar!”

“Hmm” I huffed

“I guess it would be safer if we had a guy with us just in case” Frankie moaned

“Grr ok then, you can come. As long as you stay low key!” I demanded

“Great!” Frankie and Eddie said in unison and Frankie kissed Eddie

The End

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