Chapter 14Mature

Chapter 14



"Hmmppphh" I moaned opening my eyes to the bright light of the day pouring in the room. I went to grab my dressing gown off of my bean bag by the side of my bed but when I felt for the soft fluffiness of it and rushing rustling sound of beads it wasn’t there. Oh now how I longed for those familiar sounds and to be able to go and lounge on my sofa without worrying about anything as I realized what had happened the night before wasn't a bad dream and I was in a gungey old apartment in who knows whereville. I got up and realized that I was fully naked and slowly looked at the other side of the bed dreading what I might find over there. Slowly, slowly, slowly I lifted my head up with my eyes closed and opened them surprisingly to find nothing but an empty bed with ruffled covers. I went over to my handbag and searched around for my phone, flipped it open.

"Oh shit! Battery Died!" I angrily said. I went over to the kitchen that was only meters away from the bedroom and saw a sticky note on the side.



Hey babe

Just popped out to get some Bread and Milk

Be back soon

Lewis x


Lewis!!! That was his name. I could not for the love of god remember his name but now I know it. I ran to the bedroom, got dressed, pulled my hair up, grabbed my hand bag and scavenged around the apartment as quickly as I could trying to find some money. Luckily I managed to collect a Twenty Pound note, Five pound coins and three Fifty Silvers. I quickly got down the fire escape thus to avoid any further contact with Lewis and ran a couple of streets, I ran about three streets when I saw a sign for a taxi rank, I ran all the way there moaning inwardly because I had blisters on my feet from the night before and ANY high heels are not the shoes to run in (Trust me!) I got to the taxi rank and there was one taxi left. I jumped in and told the smelly fat greasy monkey man where I wanted to go and we shot off. All the way home I stayed wide awake because just as I jumped in the back of a taxi at free will I was only trying to avoid seeing Lewis but I actually have a serve phobia of taxi's that they are going to take you off to somewhere where no one knows where you are, Rape you and dump you there with no money and probably no clothes. So I had one hand on my seat belt ready to unclick in and one hand on the door ready to jump out at any moment. The grease monkey taxi driver was actually quite annoying as well as he kept asking me questions about my weekend. "How was your weekend?" "Meet anyone nice?" "Have fun?" "Anything interesting happen" and he was a total perve trying to look down my top and up my skirt each time he moved his mirrors. Finally we got to the top of my road.

"This is me" I said, the words practically jumping out of my throat.

"Ok doll I’ll just pull up" And he did and clicked off his meter. I clambered out of the taxi and just as I was about to pay the man I heard a shrieking voice coming from the house and towards me shouting my name. Uh oh! Suddenly I was bombarded with hugs from Mum, Dad, Joanna and her bump and even Adam hugged me. I struggled but finally got them all off.

"Where the HELL have you been?!?" Mum shrieked

"Why didn’t you come home?" Dad asked

"We were worried sick!" Moaned Joanna

"And what have you been up to?" Adam slimily said with his eyebrow raised.

"-Hey!" The taxi driver suddenly shouted "Now can I get my money and go now?!?"

"Yes of course you can! Pay the man Mike!" Mum said marching me in the house with Stacey, Michael, Adam and Joanna in tow leaving dad fumbling in his pockets for his wallet. We got inside and mum sat me on the sofa.

"Now ror, just understand this. I am mad, believe me I’m mad BUT I am however, more relived that you are ok!" Mum explained and I nodded

"Where did you go last night sweetie?" Joanna asked sweetly

"Me and-" I suddenly stopped mid-sentence "Where's Frankie?!" I asked

"She is fine!" She got home last night safe and sound and she called to see if you were back yet. That's when we started worrying."     I nodded

"Now what happened last night?" Joanna asked taking my hand in hers and dad walked in the door and sat on the chair across the room

"Well, me and Frankie went to a new club called Mcluskey's and got in with our fake ID's-" I started to explain but I was abruptly interrupted by dad

"Fake ID's!!!" Dad fumed "How the hell do you get about with fake ID's?!?"

"Mike! Don't worry-" mum coaxed him

"Don’t worry! Don’t worry!!!" dad shouted "How can not worry when my daughter is running around getting into places she shouldn't be in with a fake ID!?!"

"We will deal with it later!" Mum hissed "Now can you take Adam and Michael out for a while so we can talk to Rory please?"

"Hmmmpppfff" Dad moaned. Adam and Michael got up and went out to the car, we heard the engine start up and the car pull away before we relaxed and started talking again.

"Like I said, me and Frankie went to Mcluskey's and got in and then these guys came in and bought us some drinks"

"How old were these boys then?" Mum asked

“Jackie! Let her talk!" Joanna hissed at mum. I had never seen Joanna be a tiny bit mean to anyone ever since I met her but I was thankful that I could talk.

"Sorry ror, go on" Mum apologetically said

"These guys bought us some drinks and we danced and talked and got some more drinks and then it went on like that" I said trying to avoid the fact the I had gone back to his and slept with him!

"Did anything else happen between you two and these boys?" Joanna asked

"Umm" SHIT! I thought, she knows!

"We need to know Rory" Joanna said stroking my hand "It could be assault"

"Well after what seemed like hours...we, me and Lewis went back to his place and..." I could feel my face flushing more red by the second

"Yes?" Mum said "Go on"

"Ok we did it!" I blurted out and then slapped my hand over my hand in shock that those words came out of my mouth.

“At least I think we did. I was too drunk to remember but I think we did.” Stacey sat there and giggled a little but stopped when we all looked at her.

"Oh Rory!" Mum sighed taking my free hand in hers "I'm so sorry it had to happen to you you're first time when you were drunk!" Mum said rather sadly. My brain kept telling me in that whole three seconds to tell my mum about Charlie.

"It wasn't my first mum" I sighed

"Pardon?" Mum said with her eyebrows nearly at the top of her forehead

"Mum I have done it before"

"Oooeeer Rory!" Stacey laughed

"And who was this with May I ask!?" Mum asked

"Jackie!" Joanna hissed "Can I talk to you in the kitchen please" She smiled and waddled over to the kitchen and mum followed her. I couldn't hear what they were saying but I could tell that they were both worried and angry at either me or each other because of the angry whispers they were speaking in.

"So...?" Stacey sighed plopping herself down on the sofa next to me

"So what?" I asked

"What was he like?"

"Umm I don't know..." I trailed off actually trying to remember

"Come on! What did he look like?"

"Ok" I said. I thought that I might as well treat her like a sister as she is going to be my step sister and really she was the best thing I had at that moment out of the choice of mum, Joanna and Stacey.          "He was blonde, grayish blonde, had light blue sky blue eyes and he was quite tanned" I explained

"What was his body like?" Stacey whispered to me and flushed red

"Honestly Stace"


"I don't know!"

"What? You did do it with him! How the hell could you not know what his body was like?"

"I was so pissed out of my head stace really; the last thing I remember was him unbuttoning my shirt!"

"Oh" Stacey said as her face fell

"I’m sorry stace I just don't remember!"

"Its ok ror don't worry. Look the mums are coming back" and they were walking towards us

"Rory was you too drunk to remember the details of last night exactly?" mum suddenly asked

“The last thing I remember is him taking my clothes off “I blushed. I saw mum grimace

"Did u try to fight back?"

"I couldn’t even keep my head straight let alone fight back!" I said

"Well then we should tell the police! This could be classed as rape!" Joanna said to mum

"NO!!" I shouted out and everyone looked at me surprised

"Darling we could get the guy who did this to you!" mum said

"No I just want it to go away and for all of us to forget about it and never ever mention it again

"But Rory-" Joanna started to say

"No! Rory is right!" mum said (OMG what was that? I was right? Can I get that in writing please?)

"I am?"

"Yes you are!" mum replied "you have been through enough” I know that must have been hard. Especially getting in a cab after the night you had with your phobia!"

"Thanks mum" I said, leaped on mum and gave her the biggest hug that I can ever remember ever giving her before.

The End

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