Chapter 13Mature

Chapter 13


I woke up with Charlie looking at me with his big blue eyes

“How long have you been there?” I whispered

“All night but I’ve been looking at you for about 10 minutes, no one else is awake!”

“I’ve got to go!”

“No! Don’t, stay please” Charlie begged

“I’ve got to! My mum and dad are already going to be screwing at me because I forgot to call last night” I said as I got up and grabbed my bad as I was already dressed. I leant down, kissed Charlie and told him to tell everyone that I was sorry that I had to go then I headed off.


“Where the hell have you been?” my mum screamed at me as I walked up the front drive

“Out!” I screamed back

“Where Rory?”

“At Frankie’s!”

“Oh really?”

“Yes really!”

“So you wouldn’t mind me phoning Frankie’s mum and asking her would you?”

“Nope go ahead, nock yourself out!” She stomped inside and came out dialing Frankie’s number

“Hello” She chirped down the phone

“Yes I was just wondering if my daughter Rory stayed at your house last night as she forgot to ring us and inform us of her ware bouts…Oh…Ok, yes…ok…thanks…bye”

As she put the phone I gave her a look like ‘how dare you not believe me’ and stormed inside shutting her outside. The rest of that day I stayed in my room writing my diary on my computer and reading…and slightly studying for my math exam on Monday.


The next morning I had to wake up at the crack of dawn...well 8:30 but it was still early and had to go to Joanna’s secret doctor’s appointment about the baby.

I woke up to find mum creeping in my bedroom with my washing pile

“I’ve got some clothes for you to wear new today!” she whispered

“I’ve got some clothes!” I whispered back

“But these are brand new clean!” (My mum has this thing about hospitals where she thinks that everything that goes into a hospital should be clean and sterile)

 “Oh ok I’ll wear the clean clothes to the hospital” I sighed. I got dressed and crept downstairs to find Joanna collapsed on the floor clutching her stomach. I ran down the stairs shouting for mum, sat Joanna up on the sofa and started fanning her. Mum ran down the stairs but unfortunately dad was following swiftly behind her with panic in his eyes.

“What happened?” Mum screeched

“Is she ok?” dad questioned with an air of apprehension

“I’m fine!” Joanna breathed

“We’ve got to get you to your appointment now!” mum said as she was helping Joanna up.

We got Joanna to the car, all bundled in ourselves and drove as quickly as we could to the doctors and waited outside.


Finally the doctor came down and said she was fine and did we want to see her. We went to Joanna’s room and there was a machine being pulled into her room.

“What’s that?” I worried

“Don’t worry darling it’s an ultra scan machine so you can see the baby” the nurse explained

“Can I see?” I asked Joanna

“Of course you can darling”

The nurse spread this jelly stuff in a squiggly line across Joanna’s enormous belly and then put something that looked like a remote control over her belly and looked at the screen.

Suddenly two grey blotches popped up on the screen and was wriggling all over the place.

“Your babies look like they are doing just fine” The nurse smiled "You have two beautiful daughters to look forward to"

“They???...DaughterSSS???” Dad asked with an astonished look on his face

“Yes Mike. We are having baby girl twins” Joanna smiled. Then I saw the biggest smile I’ve ever seen spread across dad’s face because I guessed at that moment that Joanna had decided not to tell Dad that they were having twins or the gender of the babies until they were born and then suddenly there was a thud on the floor and dad had fainted

“I’m going to TWO baby sisters!” I chirped suddenly and everyone smiled at me

We just sat there watching the babies for what seems like hours until we needed to go home to see Stacey, Michael and Adam.


When we got home as soon as Joanna waddled through the front door Stacey and Michael were all over her like a rash getting her to sit down.

“Where have you been?”

“What have you been doing?”

“Why didn’t you tell us? They asked

“Its ok, we just went to the doctors” Joanna explained

“Is the baby ok?” Stacey asked alarmed

“Yes the baby is fine and I thought I ought to tell you now that mike knows what gender the baby is!”

“Oh finally! What is it?” Stacey asked

“You’re going to have ….” Joanna smiled

“Oh come on!” Michael burst out

“You’re going to have TWO new baby sisters!”

“Oh my god TWO that’s so great!” Stacey chirped

“Isn’t it?!” Joanna chirped back



Mum went in the kitchen and started to make spaghetti bolognaise while Stacey, Michael, Joanna and dad watched the DVD we were given of the babies from the ultrasound and I went upstairs and phoned Frankie.

“Hi” I squeaked as soon as the phone picked up but despite my excitement it was Frankie’s brother James who answered

“Is Frankie there please?” I asked. All I heard was some footsteps and James shouting at Frankie for the phone, heard more footsteps and then heard Frankie

"Hiya Rory!" She chirped

"Hey Frankie, did everything go ok after I left?"

"Yeah it was fine, mum thought we were all at Eddie's"

"Oh good" I sighed with relief suddenly my mobile started ringing, I looked at the Caller ID and it was Charlie.

"Sorry Frankie Charlie is calling on my mobile, I’ve got to go bye"

"Cya" and I put the house phone down and answered my mobile which was still ringing in my hand and flashing its purple lights out the side.

"Hey gorgeous!" Charlie slurred

"Hiya!” We talked for about an hour about how good the trip was and what they said to Frankie's mum in the morning. We said good bye and I went downstairs and made myself some pasta. And then spent the rest of the night writing my journal.



I was abruptly awoken by the strange cats that live next door running away from the next door neighbors three year old Libby who was running after him banging a wooden spoon on a frying pan and with nothing but a nappy on her head on. I started to think about all of the guys that mum had been out within the past. There was the first one, Larry who was a total nutcase and went absolutely bonkers when mum bought him home to meet us and there was a fire in the kitchen and he HATES fire and ran out the house screaming, then there was George who was an old bald man who combed over the very few hairs he had remaining on his head to make out that he wasn’t totally bald (which he was) and me and Adam were nearly wetting ourselves when we first saw him, Kevin who was extremely rich but hated me and Adam. Every time mum wasn’t there he would get rid of anything in the room he was in that reminded him of children and told us that if we didn’t tell mum we liked him he would send us off to boarding school, Luckily Adam wasn’t as scared as I was and told mum and we never saw him again. After Kevin mum didn’t date for 8 months after when me and Adam sighed her up to a dating website that she didn’t know about and then two days later she got several replies and went on 5 dates (The 5th one was Simon). Me and Adam didn’t like Simon at first because he kept taking mum out anywhere and anytime and we barely got to see her but after a while we realized that mum really liked him and so we left them to it, ever since they haven’t been going out as much even though they stay in a lot when we rant there *Shudder* so we have just accepted him as mum's boyfriend but I thought it was unlikely that we would see him again after Adam scared him. I was in the middle of re-living the night that Simon ran out in my head when I suddenly heard  BEEP BEEP, BEEP BEEP coming from my new shiny purple flashing mobile. I went over doing the conga on the way to the other side of the room as I heard something that sounded like the conga music earlier (or I dreamt it) and I picked it up, flipped it open and I had a new message from Frankie.






Then I replied






I quickly got dressed in my footless black tights, black silk netted skirt and my grey top that Charlie says is sort of see through and skipped downstairs.

"What are you so happy about missy?" Dad laughed when he saw me skip down the stairs to the front room.

"I am just going to meet my friends luckily as I had nothing planned for today"

"Well you could always help me and Adam wash your mum’s car"

"Umm I’d rather watch a penguin try n squirt ink thanks"

"Don’t be cheeky"

"Bye dad" I called as I grabbed some toast and my handbag and headed out the door


As I was walking out the front door I saw Libby next door still with the nappy on her head running after her mum with a hose and I laughed. As I was early I skipped down towards Frankie's road and threw a tiny stone at her window. She came to the window and laughed when she saw me doing the Macarena on her front lawn.

"What are you doing?"

"The Macarena, what did you think I was doing?"

“The cat dance!"

"No way! Now THIS is the cat dance" I started wiggling my hips and pretending to ride a horse at the same time (do not try this at home! once Frankie pulled a muscle)

"You're mad!"

"And you’re a Melon! Now get your disco dancing pants down here and let’s go!" She disappeared into her bedroom and then appeared at her front door with her superman t-shirt and some dungarees on.

"Very nice ensembles you have created there miss Melon Bubble"

"Why thank you and you haven’t done too shabby yourself miss super bubble. Even though I can sense that you are not wearing your best friends forever Garter! Naughty Bubble!"

"Well I don't really want Charlie to find it because it does say 'I love F forever and no one else will ever do!!! So I think it was best I leave it in my jewelry box" Suddenly Frankie started fiddling with her thumbs and went quiet.

"Frankie! What is wrong? What are you not telling me?"

"Nothing Ror I am not I am just being my silly melonish self and being a silly bubble that should go and play with the badgers in the woods" UH OH!!! Frankie NEVER admits to being a Melon and there is definitely something up because she admitted that she deserves to be in the woods with the woodland creatures. Oh I wonder if I could tickle it out of her hmm??? I quickly jumped on Frankie and started tickling her just as Matt and his boys were coming up the road

"Oooeeer Look at the two sex kittens playing chase the mouse (Matt always comes out with this sort of thing)

"Oh go away Matt!" Frankie hissed as we got up

"Oh Rory kitty you don't want me to go do you? You really want to snog the pants off of me right now"

"Yeah right" I laughed and just as I was laughing Matt planted a big wet sloppy yucky snog right on me.

 Aghhhhhhhhhhh my brain is going manic. Matthew Patrick is snogging me (About half a year ago this would have been my dream come true but ever since I started liking Charlie I have gone right off him! aghhhhh why am I still doing this? GET OFF GET OFF GET OFF!!!

I shoved him off and he landed flat on his ass with Frankie and Matt's boys gaping at us. I grabbed Frankie and turned to walk and suddenly saw the back of Charlie marching off to the end of the road (OH SHIT! Had he seen?")

I ran after him

"It wasn’t what it looked like!" I begged as I grabbed his arm

"It looked like you were snogging the face of off matt

“He snogged ME!!!” I shouted

“You didn’t exactly stop him did you?!?”

“I shoved him on the floor!”

“After like 5 minutes!”

“It wasn’t 5 minutes!!!”

“Whatever. I did have a surprise for you but now that’s never going to happen!”


“Just bugger off Ror!” Charlie shouted as he was walking off

I just sat down in the middle of the road and started to crying then Frankie ran over and hugged me

“He hates me!” I sobbed into Frankie’s shoulder

“No he doesn’t. He is just mad at the moment because he saw Matt being a jerk”

“Hey I’m not a jerk…I can’t help It if she is very snoggerball!” Matt commented

“You are such a JERK!!!” I shouted as I got up and shoved Matt

“Hey, Hey don’t start!”

“Why not? You made my boyfriend hate me!” I screeched

“Sooorrry!” Matt replied. I just screeched and marched off towards my house with Frankie divvying behind


Once we are inside the mad house that is my so-called home me and Frankie grab the ice cream and the DVD's and head up to my room.

"What shall we watch...Armageddon or Pretty Woman?" Frankie asks as I get the duvet's ready on the sofa.

"Pretty Woman...Armageddon makes me cry too much!" and we both laugh. We both snuggle down in the duvets and are just singing along to a bit when Adam pops his head around the door

"You guys ok?"

"Yes we are fine now leave us to our movie!" I moaned chucky a heart cushion at the door towards his head

"I was just checking because I saw what happened earlier"

"Oh that...I don't even remember it!" I smirked "Now leave us alone!" I threw my teddy bear at his head and got him

"Oi...alright...night" He half said as he went out the door. We watched the rest of the film and then decided to actually watch Armageddon as well in the end. Cried our eyes out and then went downstairs.

"Why are you girls in tonight?" Joanna asked

"Because it’s a school night!" Dad said before we could answer

"It's still the weekend though!" Joanna argued back

"Doesn’t matter. It's a school night!" Dad said walking off. As soon as he was gone Joanna called us over to the sofa were she had spread her and her enormous bump over

"Put your head to it and you can hear their heart beats, I lay my ear closely to Joanna's bump and I could hear a faint thud every second coming from inside.

"I don't care what your dad says!" Joanna suddenly burst out with which made me suddenly sit up. "You girls are young and you should be out having a good time!" Joanna Chirped. Me and Frankie just sat there gaping at Joanna in astonishment! "Don't be surprised girls, I was you're age once and all I wanted to do was dance the night away and you are only a teenager once right?" she smiled "Now. What places are good around here?"

"Umm there is a new club opening tonight called Mcluskey's but we will never get in on our fake ID's!" Frankie slipped out and suddenly slapped her hand over her mouth realizing what she had just said

"Frankie!!!" I hissed

"Don't worry girls, like I said, I was you're age once!" Joanna smiled. We both hugged her and I kissed her bump.

"You are the best step mum ever!" I shouted as we ran upstairs.


We put on the best clothes that we had with us, put on some very nice make up that I nicked off of mum and we decided to match our outfits and our make up so because Frankie was wearing a light blue top, a silver belt and a white skirt and white boots she put on white eye shadow with blue mascara and eyeliner and my silver glittery lip-gloss and because I was wearing my dark purple halter neck with my black mini skirt and navy blue kitten heels and hoop earrings I put on dark purple eye shadow with navy blue mascara and eyeliner and purple lip-gloss. We then had to text Joanna to keep everyone occupied while we snuck out. Once we were out we nipped in the shop and grabbed some red bull, downed two each and started to do the conga the road that led to the high street which is where we would stop. We got to the club and waited in line and it was a really nice club, the poshist one in town!

"ID's please girls" the bouncer bellowed. We got our fake ID's out and handed them to him as confidently as we could as we had practiced earlier so that we would be more believable. "Ok girls go through" the bouncer said as he handed us back our fake ID's and unclipped the red sash. Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god!!! My brain was going on overdrive in hyperness mode! I couldn’t believe we had got through! As soon as we got in through the paying lobby we went and sat at the bar and ordered two WKD's.

"Oh my god Ror! We actually got in!" Frankie squeaked

"I know!" I squeaked back. Then when I looked up there were these two MUCH older fit guys coming towards the bar but then they came over to us.

"Hey ladies" The first one said

"Um hey" I smoothly said back

"You girls need another drink?" The second one asked. Obviously we had just got drinks but if they were going to get us one we might as well go along with it. They walked over to the counter on the bar and I quickly snatched the drinks we ordered 5 minutes before and put them on another table and went over to the guys.

"What would you like ladies?" The first one said

"Um I would like cherry vodka please" I said sweetly

"And what would your lovely friend like?" The second one asked smiling at Frankie. Hahaha Frankie, lovely Hehe I’m laughing my pants off inside of my head because you would need to threaten Frankie with a pack of wolves before she appeared lovely Hehe.

"Umm can I have the same as Rory?" Frankie replied and the second one turned round to the bar to order.

"Rory eh? What a unique name!" The first one said

"Yeah it is. What's your name?" I smoothly asked


"That's a nice name" I replied. The second boy turned round with the drinks and we went and sat in a sofa area in the corner.

"So what’s your name then" The second boy asked whilst cupping Frankie's chin. Frankie flushed red as soon as he touched her and her mouth was opening but nothing was coming out the daft Goldfish!

"Her name's Frankie" I replied for her

"Nice to meet you Frankie" The second Guy said taking his hand away from Frankie's chin

"What's your name then smooth talker?" I asked the second guy

"Leo" He replied "My name is Leo."  All four of us talked away all night and danced then sat down, got more drinks then danced some more until at one point I realize I had ended up on Lewis's knee with his hand on my thigh while Leo and Frankie were dancing away over by the bar.

"So how's about you and me get out of this place and go have some real fun eh?" Lewis whispered in my ear which made me shudder

"What do you mean?" I hiccupped. He just winked at me, pushed me off him, got up and pulled me with him. I had no idea where we were going but I deffineatly knew what Lewis wanted tonight. I knew I subconsciously didn't want to do this but I was far, far too drunk to do anything about it.


We took a taxi to his place which was a dusty one bedroom flat in the outer parts of London and he took me into the bedroom straight away kissing me all over and pushed me down on the bed. He started to unbutton my shirt when I started thinking of Charlie and what we had done on the train and the more I wanted to fight back but I was too dizzy to even sit up than fight back so he undid my shirt, took off my bra somehow and then kissed me from my neck down to my skirt line which made me cry because that's what Charlie did and I missed him. I don't remember the rest of the night. I wish I didn’t even go out now.

The End

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