Chapter 12Mature

Chapter 12


“I can see them!” Shouted Frankie from the beach but me and Charlie couldn’t hear her from the splashing of the waves

“What?” We shouted back. She came toward the sea and shouted

“I can see them”

“So can I!” I shouted back and went to put my shoes on and Charlie came and put his on next to me as soon as he saw them.

This is going to be brilliant!

We all got to the pier and they were just beginning to let people through and the hagglers had just arrived

“We’d better get in the line before it gets too long!” Eddie suggested already clutching Frankie like he hadn’t seen her in years. It was kind of sweet actually until they started fully making out in the middle of the queue and we all shouted

“Get a room!” In chorus

We finally got to the front and got in. Honestly I loved coming to Brighton but the pier and the floor where u can see through the floorboard just makes me dizzy so I tend to walk quickly and it didn’t help that the guys were shouting things out like “Hey look, they’re put extra barge polls underneath so it doesn’t collapse” and “anybody want a dip, it’s not too cold, it’s not too far and the rocks surely won’t kill me. I nearly strangled Charlie when he got up on the top on the bars and started to cry. We went in a fish and chip restaurant to get some chips before the concert started in twenty minutes.

“These are really good chips!” Frankie mumbled in chip-eating-talk

“Yeah Frankie, they are” Charlie replied to her in a voice that you would use with a three year old.

We sat there eating and talking in twenty minutes until we suddenly heard.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I now present to you the one, the only MADNESS!”

We ran out the door leaving a twenty note on the table.

As soon as we got there we managed to shuffle ourselves nearly to the front when seven dark figures with waist coats and the one leading them with a hat on walked up some steps on the left of the stage and went to their positions.

“Hey you, don't watch that, watch this

This is the heavy heavy monster sound

The nuttiest sound around

So if you've come in off the street

And you're beginning to feel the heat

Well listen buster

You'd better start to move your feet

To the rockiness, rock-steady beat of Madness

One step beyondddddddd!” and suddenly the music started and everyone was bopping and dancing to it.


We all just kind of ended up at the bar all breathing really fast and sweating from the dancing.

“Good or what?!” I shouted to everyone as we got to the bar

“Yeah it’s brilliant!” Eddie shouted

We went back to dancing and singing for another couple of hours until I saw Eddie look at his watch and that scared look took over his face again and I heard him shout “SHIT!” I walked over to him just staring at his watch.

“What’s up?” I said as I approached him


“What about your watch?” I said looking at it

“It’s…an hour slow!”


“That means we were meant to leave here an hour ago!” He nearly screamed

“SHIT!” I screeched as we are meant to be back by 6:30 to make it look like we had gone to one of our houses after school.

Me and Eddie split up in the crowd and herded everyone to the exit and ran to the train station.

The train was just sitting there as if it was waiting for us when we got to the station. We decided to buy tickets on the train so we didn’t miss it but in the end that didn’t seem necessary.

We sat in our compartment and got out our books, magazines, newspapers and snuggled down. Those of us (i.e. Frankie and Eddie) went into the next compartment for some sleep.

“Some sleep they’ll be doing in there!” Charlie slipped in. I elbowed him in the stomach

“Leave them alone! They have been apart for half of the day and they are in the makeup period after their fight so leave off!” I protected

“But we haven’t been apart for at all or fought but I still want you so bad!”

Well keep that thought in your head for the time being please!” Toni grimaced

I’m going to read my magazine in peace and quiet thank you very much!” I said as I got up and went to the door.

“But babe why don’t you stay here?” Charlie moped

“Because they are grossing me out!” I pointed to Luke and Toni who were at that point swapping their tongue bars

 “Ok now I’m grossed so I’m coming with you!”

We got to the next compartment and when we got to the door I stopped and spread myself over the door sexily so to tempt Charlie. Charlie leaned himself into me kissed my neck and got about a centimeter away from my lips when I put my finger on my lips to shush him

“Now that is what I don’t want in here ok?” I said which made Charlie look really stunned

“But I can’t resist!” Charlie groaned and bounced like a 3 year old moaning

“Well you’re going to have to I said walking in the compartment and putting my stuff down so that my jeans came especially low.

“You’re not going to make this easy for me are you?” Charlie smiled

“Nope!” I grinned back from behind my book now that I had spread myself sexily along the sofa. Charlie sat down with his elbows on his knees and his head cupped in his hands and just looked at me.

“What are you staring at?” I laughed

“You” He replied sincerely


“Because you’re you”

“Yes I know that”

“And you’re wonderful” he breathed. AWWWWW that was soooo sweet!

“You’re just trying to win me over!”

“How can I win, you’re already mine”

“I mean win me over to stop reading and go sit with you!”

“Yeah I am!”

“Well, you’re not winning!” I said shuffling down and reading my book

“But you’re so wonderful and sexy let me just have that all for myself until we get home!”

“Maybe…once I’ve read my book for a while!” I smiled


I read for ages with Charlie staring at me for ages until I finally gave up…put down my book and went and sat next to him.

“You’re beautiful!”

“You’re not bad yourself” He kissed me, I kissed him back and we went into a full on make out session. After about 5 minutes of making out he let go of my back and slid his hands up my back inside my shirt and undid the clasp on my bra. He slid his warm hand out of my shirt and unbuttoned it whilst still fully kissing me. He got to the last button and I stopped kissing him.

“Are you sure we should be doing this?” I breathed

“Yeah, you want to right?” He asked which I thought was sweet

“Yeah” I reassured him

“Good” He smiled. He got up, drew the blinds on the window and the door, locked the door then came back and started kissing me again. He slid his warm hands up the line of my stomach and on top of my bra, up to my shoulders, pulling my bra straps down, took my bra off slowly and chucked it on the other side of the compartment. He slowly slid his hands up the line of my stomach again, round to my back, over my shoulder and down onto my breasts which made me shudder and sent a shiver through my whole body. He went over them for a couple of minutes with his hands and lips until I could move and started to unbutton his shirt, slipped it off of him to show his gorgeous torso which I kissed all the way down to his trouser line and undid his belt. He kissed me then kissed me all the way down my neck. He laid me back onto the sofa, kissed me and worked his way all the way down my neck, down the line of my stomach to my belly button and kissed up again, all the while sort of massaging my breasts with his toasty hands. He kissed my shoulders downwards and then started kissing my breasts which automatically made me shudder and push my head back. He kept on kissing them until I pushed him away and started kissing him, turning him so I was on top. I undone his jeans and slipped them off, kissed his stomach all the way down to his boxers again. He took me and climbed on top of me and he undone my jeans. Thank the gods I was wearing my sexy pants today. He slipped my jeans off and he shuddered.

“What’s wrong?” I asked sitting up

“Nothing, it’s…just…”

“What is it?”

“I just can’t believe we’re finally doing this!” I just smiled back at him and lay back down.

He did the whole kissing thing on my mouth, onto my shoulders, neck, breasts, stomach and down to the line of my sexy girl boxers. He slowly slipped them off smiling at me. I slid his boxers off somehow while he was kissing all of me again. He kissed all the way down to my belly button and looked up but I was too busy biting my lip to notice and then he moved downwards and used his tongue on me like I had never felt before until I touched his shoulders and brought him up again and turned to I was sitting on top of him which felt really strange with us naked and our things right on top of each other without joining. I moved downwards kissing his neck, chest; stomach then moved my mouth downwards and gave him what he gave me. He seemed to like doing it to me as he turned me round again after a minute and worked his way down my neck, breasts, stomach and then seemed to be better this time as he made me moan, he knew what he was doing. He had always been a good kisser with his tongue but with this he was even better. Then after a minute of him gazing at me he got up and got a condom out of his wallet, slipped it on and went back to kissing me all over. He pushed inside of me, which gave me the most amazing sensation I’ve ever felt after my first kiss which was funnily enough with Charlie. We lay there for what seemed like hours moving up and down and kissing each other’s bodies up and down until I nearly screamed with pleasure and Charlie seemed to but scrunched his face up instead. I closed my eyes and just breathed really heavy to let out the scream but it wasn’t working so I just squeaked. Charlie looked at me and smiled and then just went back to moving so I just lay there and took it all in. We lay there moving for another minute or so until neither of us could handle any more. He took back which made me shudder and sort of sad because we’d lost the entwinement of our bodies, the closeness we had just a second ago and just the fact that he wasn’t inside of me. But the fact that that all just happened made me smile ridiculously.

“What are you smiling at?” Charlie asked putting his boxers back on

“Nothing…just…this!” is said putting my bra and girl boxers back on

“I know…I’m amazing aren’t I!” He cheekily smiled. I went to put my shirt back on but Charlie got up and took hold of me before I could.

“What are you doing?” I asked

“Looking at my gorgeous girlfriend!” He smiled looking at my body then at me

“Well stop, I need to get dressed before the others come looking for us!”


“Charlie come on!” I kissed him and his neck so he let go of me and got dressed. He sulked back on the sofa and got dressed.

“Come on, what have we finally just done eh?” I said sitting next to him. He smiled and kissed me.

“I’m going to the train toilets to freshen up ok?”

“Ok, I’m heading back to Frankie and Eddie…Unless you want me to come with you?” He said as he came up and kissed me.

“No, you go back and I’ll see you there.” I called back down the hall on the way to the toilets.

I splashed water all over my face, brushed my hair and put on some make up then went back to Frankie and Eddie’s compartment but they were both asleep so we went to find Toni and Luke but they were zonked out too. By this time it was pitch black and quite late so the lights in the compartments were faded down. Suddenly an announcement scared me.

“The next station is Horley” A freaky voice announced

Charlie went and woke Toni and Luke and I went to wake up Eddie and Frankie and then we all collapsed somehow in the compartment me and Charlie just did it in.

“It smells really weird in here don’t you think? Toni asked Luke. Me and Charlie just smiled at each other cheekily and Frankie must have picked up on it because she suddenly smirked and said “ah ha!” and everyone else looked confused. I gave Frankie a really stubborn look saying “you dare!” so she shut her mouth.

“We are now approaching Horley” The freaky speaker blurted as the train pulled into the station.

“So whose house are we crashing at?” Luke asked

“Well mine is the nearest” Frankie slurred out

“Ok, will it be alright with your mum?” I asked

“Yeah sure, just all bundle in my room and we’ll get some blankets”

We all bundled off of the train and somehow that I don’t remember ended up collapsed on Frankie’s bedroom floor wrapped up in a blanket with Charlie, Toni was in a bundle of blankets with Luke and Frankie and Eddie were snuggled up in her bed.

The End

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