Chapter 11Mature

Chapter 11


We walked and talked all the way to town until we got to a café which seemed to be French.

“Oooeeer! Café Rouge eh?!” Toni whistled

“Very posh!” announced Charlie

“Let’s go in!” Frankie squeaked all excited as she loves French walking down the path towards the entrance.

“Bonjour Mademoiselle, how many would you like to be seated?” The waiter asked in a dark, mysterious, sexy, French accent.

“Six Sil vous plait Monsieur” Frankie swayed

“Ah! Your French is tres bon!” The sexy waiter replied .As Frankie blushed bright red I looked over to Eddie who was fuming with jealousy!

The sexy waiter led us to a big round table in the middle of the restaurant.

“I will return with the menus in one moment” and with that he was off into the other room.

“And I thought Toni was the flirt!” burst out Luke. Eddie punched him.

“I wasn’t trying to” Frankie cowered “I was just being friendly and practicing my French!”

“It was a bit more than that don’t you think Charlie?” Asked Luke

“I’m staying out of this!” Charlie backed out. The waiter waltzed back to our table and handed us all our menus (Frankie first!)

“Would you like any boissons?” The waiter asked. We ordered our drinks and our food when the waiter came back with the drinks. We talked eating our food and then the waiter came with the bill.

“How much is it?” Asked Frankie

“£25” Eddie replied and we all started digging in our pockets.

“Suddenly that panic look rushed over Luke’s Face and we all stared at him.

“I can’t find our half!” He nearly screamed

“What?!” Toni screeched as Luke had been trusted with the money for Eddie, Toni and himself.

“Oh shit! I really can’t find it anywhere!” Luke panicked as he emptied his bag.

“Well I’ve got our half” Sighed Charlie

“How are you going to get to Brighton now?” asked Frankie

“They’ll have to get the bus from town” I explained

“What! You’ve got to be joking!” Toni asked

“No! We’ve only got enough for our train tickets and three bus tickets after we pay for all of this!”

“Shit!” Luke burst out “How long is that going to take?”

“About 15 minutes!”

“We’ll meet at Brighton Pier as its in-between the train station and the bus station.” Explained Charlie

“Ok” moaned Toni. We paid the bill while the sexy French waiter was trying to flirt with Frankie again and set off to the station.


We got to the station and Toni and Luke got their tickets.

“You need to get your tickets as well m

Ate!” Luke shouted back to Eddie

“What! I’m not going!” Screamed Eddie

“I’m afraid you have to as you lost the tickets!” Explained Charlie

“But what about Frankie?” He asked

“She’ll stay with us” I said stepping forward

“But-But-But!” Eddie tried to say

“Come on mate, she’ll be fine with us and we’ll keep her away from the French” Charlie winked at Eddie “Now come on and get your ticket or the bus will leave without you!”

Eddie walked up to Frankie and gave her the most passionate kiss I’ve ever seen him give her!

“See you there ok?” Eddie said to Frankie when they let go

“Ok” Frankie choked out. As soon as he got on the bus with Toni and Luke, Frankie practically collapsed on me.

“Oh my god” I smiled at her

“Come on girls lets go get that train eh?” Charlie shouted back from the station entrance.

Frankie, Charlie and me got our tickets and got on the train.


“See what I mean by you two are meant to be together now?” I asked Frankie

“Yes I do! And I am so glad you sorted us two out! She blushed “Thanks!”

“Your welcome” I giggled

“Oh great! You two are going to talk girl talk all the way there aren’t you!” Charlie moaned

“No we’re not” I said as I shoved him off his seat.

“I’m tired anyway so I’m going to go in the next four seater ok?” Frankie explained

“See!” I demanded

“Ok, ok I believe you!” Charlie said and kissed me

“There was no one else but us in the compartment so Charlie hauled himself on top of me and started kissing me and my neck all the way down the my t-shirt line and back up saying “I love you” all the time

We did this for about half an hour just kissing and stroking each other until Frankie came in yawning.

“Whoa, wow am I interrupting something?” Frankie laughs as she turns away

“No” I laugh pushing Charlie off of me

“You two are ridiculous…I leave for half an hour and you’re already all over each other!” Frankie giggles out]

“I can’t help it!” Charlie admits looking longingly at me

“Aww” I and Frankie sing in chorus

We sit and talk the rest of the way there until we bundle of the train and into a café at Brighton Station.

“How long do you think they’ll be? Frankie asks

“Don’t know…we’ve still got 2 hours until the concert starts taking people in!”

“I’ll call them to see where they are!” I announce. I get out my phone and ring Eddie

“Hello?” I hear bounding from the other end of the line

“Um hi…where are you three?”

“Umm…apparently thirty five minutes away from Brighton! Well that’s what the bus driver said anyway”

“Ok” I said how long they were going to be to Frankie and Charlie and went back to the phone

“So we’re going to head for the pier and hang there for a while ok?”

“Ok, we’ll call you when we’re at the bus station” with that he hung up


“They are heading for Brighton Pier for a while until I call then when we’re at the bus station” Eddie explained to Toni and Luke

“What are we supposed to do for thirty five minutes?” Asked Toni “I can’t sleep anymore!”

“Well you could read if you can do that!” Stated Eddie

“Oi, leave her alone Ed!” Shouted Luke

“Oh thanks!” Toni shouts at Eddie

“You’re very welcome” Eddie smiles. Toni gets up and goes to the next lot of seats, Luke thumps Eddie on the arm and follows her leaving Eddie on his own.

“Lucky I brought along my book to read eh?” Eddie chuckled to himself.


25 Minutes later they arrive at the Bus station and get off.

“Right I’m glad that’s over!” Toni said brushing her hair as she stomped off the bus.

“Me too!” Sneered Eddie at Toni

“You had better ring them lot or they’ll be wondering where we’ve got to!” Luke announced

“Yeah I will in a sec…let me just get a packet of crisps I feel snackish” Eddie called back as he waltzed into the bus station café.

“So…when should I say to meet?” Eddie asked Toni as the ring tone went to call Frankie

“Umm ask them how long away the pier is away from here” Luke answered

“You numbskull, I can see the pier from here!” Toni pointed out

“Oh yeah” Luke said goofily at the pier

“I’ll say about 5 minutes yeah?” Eddie said but Frankie had obviously answered the phone by the time the statement had registered in Luke’s mind.

“Hiya!” Frankie bouncily answered

“Hey, we are about a 5 minute walk away from the pier. Where are you guys?”

“We are throwing rocks into the sea on the beach next to the pier”

“Ok so we’ll come to you yeah?”

“Ok babe…Oi Charlie! Leave the seagulls along they haven’t done anything to you have they! Bye babe” With that Frankie hung up obviously roaring up for a chase at Charlie

“Well, we’re meeting them on the beach next to the pier!” Eddie reported to Luke and Toni who were nearly half asleep on the beach.

“Oi!!!” Eddie shouted in the middle of Luke and Toni which made them scared shitless!

“What did you do that for???” Toni shouted down Eddie’s ear

“You two can’t be like that you know…we’re going to a concert! You’ve got to be lively!” Chirped Eddie

“We’ll liven up when we get there! For now let us be miserable for the walk there!” Luke and Toni stomped off towards the pier

The End

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