Chapter 10Mature

Chapter 10

“You’ve poisoned him against me!” I heard dad shout form downstairs as I woke up

Dad was obviously annoyed with Adam being angry with him

“How could I?!” Mum asked squeakily

“Only telling him bad things about me and all the bad memories and not any of the good ones!” Dad snapped

“You’re being ridiculous!” Mum snapped back

“Mum has told me good things about you!” Adam butted in “She’s told me how you used to sit up with me playing trains until it was time for bed, she’s told me how you used to play football with me every day after school, she’s told me about all the times you came and sat in my room watching me asleep and lots more but I’m finding that you leaving me, mum and Rory cancels all of that out!”

“I can understand you hating me for leaving, not liking me that much but you not liking me at all I just don’t understand!” Dad said as he shook his head

“You left me to try and keep our lives together when I was just three!”

“You’re mum was supposed to keep it all together as the parent!”

Mum!” Adam laughed “Mum was falling apart! She couldn’t even look after herself! I had to make her get up in the morning and with having Rory just arrive, I had to change her, bath and feed her!!!”

“I didn’t know you had to do all of that!” Dad cowered

“Well it was your fault that I had to do that and that’s why I hate you!”

“Well why won’t you even let me make it up to you and Rory now?!” Dad pleaded

“Because you tore me and mum apart leaving and I’m not letting do that to Rory as well!” Adam was nearly shouting

“I’m not going to tear Rory apart by spoiling her!”

“No! But you said that we could come and visit whenever we want right?”


“Well how long is that going to last?! Maybe two or three visits and then you’ll get involved in your own life and won’t have time for us to come visit or something will be going on and you won’t be able to be there…stuff like that!”

“That’ll never happen! I always have time for you and Rory!”

“Well I don’t want Rory to get her hopes up for you to slash them away like you did to me! She’s my sister and I can’t stand to see her hurt and I’m not going to let anybody or you do that!”

“Adam, that’s not going to happen! Why won’t you believe me?!” Dad pleaded

At this Adam picked his bag up and went to school slamming the door behind his which slightly shook the house.

I went back into my room and sat on the end of my bed in silence.

“What was that about?” Frankie asked as she woke up

I explained what had happened to Frankie as we got dressed. We had to pack our concert clothes and tickets in our bags as we would look weird to our parents otherwise.

“Morning girls” Dad said. He was breathing heavily for some reason

“Morning dad” I replied

“Morning Mr Mills” Frankie said sweetly

“Would you like some toast?” Mum said from the kitchen

“No thanks mum, we’ll grab something at school!” I said as I winked at Frankie

We grabbed our stuff and left.

On the way to school we passed the bakery so we were obliged to buy a cinnamon bun each and we got a magazine and some bubblegum free from our local news agents because the 14 year old boy who works their fancies the socks off of Frankie who kisses him quickly (because he’s minging) if he gives us free stuff.

We talked our way to school where we saw that Charlie, Toni, Luke and Eddie were already there.

We did the usual meet and greet / snog and clutch and then we started walking up the road to the station.

“And where do you lot think you’re going?” Mr Webber’s voice came from behind us”

We were all stopped in our tracks and thinking ‘Oh Shit!”

“Umm…me and Frankie forgot our pencil cases at my house!” I said hopefully

All of us were thinking (please buy it, please buy it, please buy it…)

“Hmm…Ok” Mr Webber replied

“Phew” we all sighed out

“But why do you all have to go back to Miss Mills’s house?” Mr Webber asked

“Well you know us teenage couples Mr Webber! We’re inseparable!” Toni said

“Hmm…well hurry up!” Mr Webber replied

“We will!” Frankie said sweetly smiling at Mr Webber.

Mr Webber went back to the crossing and we turned to walk again

“Oh my god!” Charlie sighed out

“That was so close!” I put in

“Thank god you live close!” Frankie sighed

We all sighed and walked to the station


“So when’s the train?” Charlie asked

“Umm…”Toni replied turning to the ticket office “I’ll ask when I buy the tickets!”

Toni immediately took up her skirt and pulled down her top as she walked to the ticket office.

“Hello-“The assistant spluttered “Can I help you?”

“Yes please!” Toni said in a sweet voice “I was hoping to buy some tickets to Brighton with my friends but it seems we don’t have enough for the adult fair!” Toni explained putting on her sad face

“Well…umm…” The assistant spluttered trying not to look at Toni’s chest

“Could you ever manage to do something about that?” Toni said pushing her boobs up

“Um…yes…It’s not a problem…I’ll just get you the child fair” He said starting to fiddle with the computer screen

“Oh thank you so much” Toni said in her Marylyn Monroe ‘happy birthday Mr President’ voice

“How many would you like?” The assistant asked

“Um…” Toni said turning round “Six return to Brighton please!” She said swaying her shoulders

The assistant printed out the tickets and changed the money

“Thank you so much sir!” Toni said leaning over the counter slightly to show her boobs off

“You’re-You’re very welcome!” The assistant smiled at her

That’s one of the good things about Toni is that she can get whatever she wants if she flirts enough

Toni took the tickets and we walked down the steps to the platform

“Wow Toni, you’re really good at this!” Eddie said astonished

“Well, you know me…perfection is everything!” Toni replied pulling down her skirt (even though that is barely impossible) and her top up (but not too much)

Eddie and Frankie still hadn’t talked which I decided I would fix before this hour and a half train ride, Toni and Luke were all cuddled up in one corner of our compartment, Eddie and Charlie where listening to Charlie’s IPod and Me and Frankie were flicking through our Ok magazine.

Finally I had enough of our selection of Celebrity gossip and set out to reunite Frankie and Eddie.

I grabbed both of them by the arm, got them up, out our compartment and shoved them into the next one

“Now, you two have some issues to resolve and you’re not coming out of there until you’ve resolved them! Ok!” I said slamming the door

They both huffed and sat down

I went back to our compartment and Toni had gone over to Luke by now leaving me and Charlie.

“So…” I said

“Yeah…what have you been up to?” He asked

“Well I got my bridesmaids dress fitted yesterday”

“You, in a dress!” Charlie laughed

“Yes!” I exclaimed “and I’m going to be in a dress at the prom as well remember!”

“Oh yeah!” Charlie laughed

“But my prom dress is way better than this bridesmaids dress!”

“I’m sure it is! You designed it right?” He asked

“Yeah!” I replied

“Then it’ll look great!” He said

Awww that was such a sweet thing to say! I cuddled him and we just sat there cuddled up talking about random stuff for about half an hour in which we heard shouting from the compartment that Frankie and Eddie were in every 5 minutes.

Finally, about 25 minutes before we arrived, they came into our compartment with their arms around each other.

“It’s about time!” We all said in chorus as they walked in

They both laughed and sat down next to Luke and Toni

The compartment door suddenly slid open and the ticket officer appeared at the door.

“Tickets please!” the ticket officer blasts at us. We all look at Eddie as we had trusted him with our tickets for he is the most aware of all of us and he was looking through his pockets when suddenly panic rushed through his face and his skin fell pale.

“What is it?” Frankie asks worriedly with a concerned look on her face

“Please tell me you’ve got the tickets!” I cried

“Search your backpack!” Toni insisted. He emptied his backpack but no tickets in sight.

“If you can’t find your tickets I’m afraid you’ll have to leave the train at the next station!” The ticket officer spat at us.

“Hold on! I’ll find them!” Eddie spat back

“Well hurry up and I’ll come back in 5 minutes!” The ticket officer practically shouted at us as he left the compartment.

“Can you find them?” Charlie asked

“No” Eddie said as his face sunk “I’m sorry guys, I’ve ruined everything!”

“Oh no!” Frankie cried

“What are we going to do now?” Toni screamed

“I don’t know but what we do have to do is keep calm!” I explained. Everyone sunk into their seats gathering their stuff knowing they would have to get off in 5 minutes.

“This is Burgess Hill” The speaker above Frankie blurted out which made us all jump.

“Right guys, off! The ticket officer smiled pleased that we were getting off.

We all bundled off the train and sat on a bench in the station shop with our heads hung low.

“I can’t believe this!” Frankie moaned as she collapsed her head on her arms on her lap.

“Well the next train isn’t for another 45 minutes and the next restaurant is in the town about 5 minutes away so I suggest we get walking!” I explained

“But I’m Tired!!! Toni moaned

“Well getting some food in you will give you energy so I agree, we should get going!” Charlie said smiling at me. I smiled back and everyone got up and started walking towards the direction the waitress pointed us.

The End

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