Chapter 9Mature

Chapter 9


The rest of the day went pretty quick as we had all right lessons and me and Toni sneaked out of last Maths early to go and meet Eddie in the car park

“Where do you think you’re going?” I heard Stacey ask

“To the mall!” I replied getting in the car after Frankie

“But we’re supposed to wait here for dad to pick us up to take us to the fitting!” Stacey squirmed

“Well…tell dad I’ll be there in about half an hour!” I told her

“Hmm…!” Stacey replied

“It’s important! Trust me, it is!” I said as we rolled out of the car park


Eddie dropped us off outside the mall

We ran up the escalators to the box office

“Oh my god!” I gasped as I saw the sign that read ‘MADNESS SOLD OUT!!!’

I nearly fell over in disappointment because I’d been looking forward to this concert all year I just never actually thought that they’d sell out!!!

“Oh it’s ok!” Frankie said

“It’s ok? It’s ok?!!!” I screamed “That (I pointed to the sign) is not ok!!!”

“I reserved the tickets!!!” She explained

“Oh thank god!” I sighed out as we walked up to the box office window

“Six tickets to Madness in Brighton under the name of Francesca Morris please!” Frankie politely said

The assistant gave us our tickets…Frankie put them in her extra secure pouch pocket in her handbag and we went to get and ice cream


“I really shouldn’t be eating this!” I said

“Why not?” Frankie asked

“Because I’ll look fat in my bridesmaids dress!”

“Don’t eat it then!” Frankie smugly shrugged

“But it’s my body so I’m eating it!” I said chomping on it

“Good girl! I’m going to call and ask Eddie if he can pick us up and drop you off!”

“Oh thanks doll!” I said finishing off my ice cream

I wandered over to the magazine stand to look for Mizz magazine, NME or Kerrang

“Yeah ok, Thanks, Bye” I heard as Frankie walked over

“So is he picking us up?” I asked

“Yeah he is, in about 10 minutes” Frankie sighed

“What’s the matter?” I asked

“Eddie’s not allowed out tonight!” Frankie burst out

“You can go out another night can’t you?” I asked

“But this is our half-a-year anniversary!!!” Frankie Cried

“Hey, don’t cry, I’m sure it’ll be just as special if you go out tomorrow!” I reassured her as I hugged her

“Yeah, you’re right! But now I have nothing to do tonight!”

“Come with me to my annoying dress fitting then we can go to the movies yeah?” I perked up

“Thanks Ror, what would I do without you?!”

“Well, you know!” I laughed flipping my hair

We both giggled as Frankie’s phone bleeped a message

“Oh it’s Eddie, He’s outside!” Frankie sniffed

We walked outside and got in Eddie’s car

“What’s with the tears?” Eddie asked

“That time of the month!” Me and Frankie said simultaneously and laughed loudly

“Ok, you two have gone mad!” Eddie exclaimed as we drove off


“Where did you say this place you’re going is?” Eddie asked

“54 Sangers Close!” I replied

“Ok” Eddie replied

“Why aren’t you allowed out tonight?” Frankie asked Eddie

“Because my parents are making me help them clean out the attic and garage!”

“Well that sucks!” I butted in “Sorry, I’ll shut up now” I said as I sunk into my seat

“Can’t you sneak out?” Frankie asked

“No, because I’ll just get busted when I get home and then I’ll be grounded and I won’t be able to come out at all” Eddie said a bit too furiously

“Ok, ok! You don’t have to bite my head off!” Frankie said as we pulled up to the curb

“Here we are Ror!” Eddie said to me

I got out and Frankie got out too

“Where are you going?” Eddie asked Frankie

“I’m spending the rest of the day with Rory as I have no one else to go out with!” Frankie snapped at Eddie

“Fine!” Eddie snapped back as he drove off

“Oh my god Frankie! Why did you do that?” I asked

“Because he won’t sneak out to be with me on our anniversary!”

“But he isn’t going to sneak out because if he does he won’t be able to see you at all!” I explained

“Oh my god! What have I just done?!” Frankie gasped “I need to phone him!” Frankie said fumbling in her handbag for her phone

“What are you doing?” I asked

“My phone, it’s not in here!” Frankie started breathing quickly

“Calm down woman! The last time I saw it was in Eddie’s car!” I reassured her

“Phew!” Frankie exhaled “I thought I’d lost it!”

“See, you’d be a right wreck if I wasn’t here!” I said hugging her

“Can I borrow you mobile?”


“So I can call Eddie and apologize!” Frankie explained widening her eyes

“I left it at home!” I lied because if she called and said sorry immediately it would make her defeated and us woman will not be defeated “Sorry!” I said shyly

The sorry in that sentence was actually valid as I was sorry I lied to her….slightly

“Oh no! Now he’s going to think I really hate him!”

“Hold on! We can call Eddie when we get back to my place after this stupid dress fitting!” I said pulling Frankie up the steps and through the door

Eventually after all of the traipsing around the place we did, we finally found the room and Joanna and Mum sighed

“Where have you been?” Mum asked walking towards us

“School supplies and girls stuff!!!” Frankie butted in

“Well you’re here now! Stacey and Michael have already been fitted so your father collected them and took them home! So that just leaves you Miss Madam!” Mum explained as she pushed me up on this cushy stand thing and took my t-shirt and skirt off!!!

“Mum!!!” I screeched “What the hell are you doing?!”

“Oh calm down, we’re all girls here!” Mum said

Frankie was giggling but trying to maintain herself by putting her hand over her mouth

“Oi! You shut up!” I shouted at Frankie

She stopped giggling and sat down

“Now, the dress that Joanna has picked out you and Stacey is absolutely beautiful and I’ve already told the fitter your bust size which they’re getting the material for now” Mum said fluffing my hair

The door swept open, I went to look at the dresser and it was a MAN!!!

“Mum, it’s a MAN!!!” I screeched “I am not getting fitted by a man!!!”

“Calm down dear! He’s-“She bent in closer “He’s gay! So it’ll be fine!”

Well, it was still a man but I felt better knowing that he was gay and wouldn’t be staring at my bust!

“Well what do we have here?!” The man said “Right my name is Christophe and I will be your dresser for today!”

Christophe is a French gay man who was quite funny because I find gay guys funny but a French gay guy is extremely funny.

Me and Frankie sniggered!

“Have you got the extra material?” mum asked Christophe

“Yes I have the extra material for this young ladies big boom!” Christophe said turning to me

“Can I see the design please?” I asked Christophe

“Of course you can my dear!” Christophe replied

He handed me a piece of laminated paper with the dress design on. The dress was a very snug looking pink fitted dress which pleated out slightly at the waist line and it had a piece of black ribbon across the bust where the dress began. My dress was a strapless dress unlike Stacey who had practically no boobs and had a very flat stomach so the dress would just slip off of her if she didn’t have straps!

I got measured; the material was cut, set to fit and sent off to be sewn!


“Do you like the dress?” Joanna asked me when we got in the car

“Yeah, it’s beautiful!” I replied

I was actually telling the truth! The dress was beautiful but not as beautiful as my prom dress!




When we got home me and Frankie went straight up to my room, put loud music on and started talking like old times (pre-dad)

“Do you like the bridesmaids dress?” I asked Frankie

“Yeah, do you?” Frankie asked me back

“Yeah, it’s lovely! But it’s not as nice as my prom dress!” I boasted

“Or mine!” Frankie blurted out

“Or yours!” I laughed

We fell silent and started fiddling with our thumbs as we had nothing to say

“Do you think that Eddie’s going to break up with me?” Frankie suddenly asked me

“What! No! Why would you think that?” I asked very surprised

“Because we always get in silly little fights like today!”

“You two aren’t going to split up over some silly little fight!” I exclaimed

“But these silly little fights happen quite often don’t they!?” Frankie worried

“Anyways, Eddie loves you too much to let you go and you love him the same way so why would you let these silly little arguments et in the way!” I asked Frankie

“I don’t know, I guess I’m paranoid”

“Yeah you are!” I giggled

“Oh no I forgot to call Eddie!” Frankie panicked

“Here, call him on mine” I said as I offered my mobile

“Thanks ror” Frankie said as she took my mobile. Frankie rang Eddie and sat there talking for about 20 minutes while I continued to watch the film. When she hung up she had a beaming smile on her face so I guessed it was all ok between them now.

We spent the rest of the night discussing the prom, Eddie, Charlie, The details of the prom tomorrow, how good tomorrow was going to be and going on the computer on MSN.  We were lying in bed silent when Frankie poked me

“What!” I asked

“Thanks” Frankie said sweetly

“Your welcome” I replied.

Then we fell asleep.

The End

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