Chapter 8Mature

Chapter 8


‘Ring ring’ I slightly heard in the hall ‘ring ring’ it got louder

“Adam!” Mum shouted “Where are you?” I heard from the hall

“Ok!!!” Adam shouted back “I’m coming!” I heard him shout as he stomped past my room

I got up, got ready for school and went downstairs

“What’s all the shouting about?” I asked mum “It’s giving me a headache!”

“Adam wants a party for his birthday but there are too many people in this house already for there to be a party!” mum explained “So he has gone all moody!”

“Why don’t you all just go out for the night and stay in a hotel so Adam can have a birthday party!!!” I explained

“With Joanna about to pop! I don’t think so missy!!!” Mum blared

“Why don’t you take them all to the spa in Crawley? It has a hotel as well you know!”


“Mum! Its Adam’s 18th!!! He deserves a party!!!” I demanded

“Hmm, I don’t know!”

“Come on mum!!! You of all people know that I would never defend Adam but this is a really special occasion! Mum come on!” I pleaded

“You think this is really important don’t you?!” Mum asked solemnly

“It is! For Adam!” I nearly shouted

“Ok then! If it’s that important! I’ll go and tell him!”

“Thanks mum; you’ll really make him happy!”

Mum went up the stairs as I grabbed a double chocolate chip muffin from the cupboard

“Yes! Thanks mum!” I heard from upstairs

“Don’t thank me!”


“Rory really convinced me to let you have a party!” Mum explained

“She did what?!”

“Rory thinks it would really make you happy!”

“Wow! Thanks anyways mum!” Adam said as he came downstairs


“Thank you!!!” Adam nearly screamed as came down the stairs

“You can thank me by letting me and my friends in your party!”

“How many of your friends?”

“Only Frankie, Eddie, Toni, Luke and Charlie!”

“Ok then but just make sure it’s only them!”

“Good and one other thing!”

“What now?!”

“Could I borrow twenty bucks?”

“Hmm…what for?”

“You promise not to say anything?!”

“Yeah ok!”

“Me, Frankie, Eddie, Toni, Luke and Charlie are skipping school and going to Madness concert in Brighton!”

“Oh right, ok then, hope it’s good!” Adam surprisingly said

“You aren’t going to say anything are you?”

“No Ror! I won’t say anything!”

“Thanks!” I said grabbing my bag

“Oh and I’m out to get Stacey and Michael in trouble today! Any ideas?”

“Slip a note under the principle’s door saying that you’re getting slightly bullied by them! But, make sure that you write it anonymously and write it in capital letters so they won’t recognise your hand writing!”

“Good, good! Have you done this before?”

“Well, yeah kind of, when I was in your year!”

 “Well thanks!” I said walking out the door


When I got to school Frankie and Toni were sitting on the bench talking

“What’s up girlies?” I asked jumping n sitting on the bench

“Just discussing how to get Stacey and Michael in trouble!” Toni said

“Adam said to just simply slip a not under the principle’s door saying that one of us is being bullied by them!” I impressively boasted “It’s easy!”


The bell went and we all walked up to form which was quick as our teacher had to go quickly so that gave us time to get a burger on the way to Art.

Unfortunately me, Frankie, Toni, Stacey and Michael had been assigned to nearly all the same classes

Me and Stacey had a stare out in the last half hour of the class which I won!

 At first break me, Frankie and Toni went to slip the note under the principles door when we saw Michael and Stacey knock on the door and go in.

Obviously we thought it was just a matter of them having a monthly pass and what would happen to their school work or something.

When they came out and disappeared I ran to the door, slipped the note underneath the door then me, Frankie and Toni legged it.

We were sitting in French when the school secretary announced who was on detention but there was really no use in reading them out because no one ever went to them!

“Emma Patterson, Holly Meadows, Alyss Penn, Louisa Vaughan, Luke Hardwell, Frankie Morris, Toni Pearce, Rory Mills, Stacey Mills and Michael Mills please report to the detention room at 2:30 please!” The speaker spluttered

Me, Frankie, Toni, Stacey and Michael all sat there totally gob smacked until the bell went for lunch.

“What the hell?!” I screamed

Me, Frankie and Toni walked towards Michael and Stacey as they walked up to us.

“What did I do?!?!” We all shouted at each other so much that everyone stopped and looked at us

We all turned our backs and went to lunch

“They must have dobbed us in!” I screamed

“How did they know though?” Toni asked as we got up and unfortunately made our way to the detention room

We met Michael and Stacey as we walked to the door, Toni led through the door and we followed

“Ah ha! Here are our little stirrers!” The principle said as he turned round to face us

“What!?” We all asked

“Well, Stacey and Michael came to me earlier complaining that you three trashed their temporary locker with toilet paper! And I got an anonymous letter this morning coincidently after I got the report from Michael and Stacey reporting that Michael and Stacey had been bullying Miss Isabelle Matthews” The principle explained

“But we didn’t!” We all shouted

“Now! I don’t know what’s going on between you five but you had better sort it out! And soon!” The principle said turning and walking out the door


“We didn’t do that to your lockers!” Toni shouted

“Well we aren’t bullying that Isabelle girl either!” Stacey shouted back

Suddenly our conversation erupted into a bellow of noise

“Quiet!!!” Frankie screamed which shut everyone up “We aren’t going to resolve anything by shouting the odds at each other!”

“Why did you say that we trashed your lockers?!” I asked Stacey

“Because we overheard you and Adam this morning talking about getting us, so we thought we’d get you back!” Michael butted in

“So we all set out to get the other in trouble!” I said

“What I don’t get is why you wanted to get us in trouble in the first place?” Stacey asked

“Because you’re so snooty all of the time!” I explained

“Snooty?!” Michael shouted


“You’re the ones who were going to get us in trouble in the first place!” Stacey butted in

“Only because you’re taking over!” I suddenly blurted out

“What?!” Stacey, Michael and Toni spat at me

“You’re taking over my life!” I shouted

The teacher in the room suddenly shushed me violently

I suddenly realised what I said and shut up

“What are you talking about Ror?” Toni asked me

“Ror?!” Frankie hissed

“I am saying that Stacey and Michael are taking over my life! They already have my father, they are going to be permantly going to be connected to him soon enough with Joanna having her baby and it’s killing me!” I nearly screamed

“Oh my god! That’s what’s going on with you?!” Stacey asked

“Yes and its ripping me apart knowing that he’ll always love you more because you’re his family!” I said starting to cry

“That’s not true! And you are his family, you’re his daughter and nothing will change that! Even if our mum has your dad’s baby, you are and always will be his family!” Stacey said

I sniffled and cheered up a tiny bit for Stacey being so considerate.

“She’s right Ror!” Toni said “You will always be your dad’s daughter!”

“I will won’t I!” I smiled “Stacey, Michael…I’m sorry!”

“So are we!” Stacey and Michael Said as they came and sat with me, Toni and Frankie.

The End

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