Chapter 7Mature

Chapter 7




“Now who are the ones who need to get a room?!” I lightly heard Luke say

I opened my eyes and realised me and Charlie were wrapped around each other sleeping in the middle of the football pitch, Frankie and Eddie were standing there with their arms around each other’s waist’s, Toni (With Luke’s coat around her shoulders) and Luke were standing there with their arms around each other’s wait too and it was DARK!!!

“Charlie! Wake up!” I whispered to Charlie shaking him slightly

“What happened?” he murmured “Where are we?”

“We fell asleep in the middle of the football pitch! And it’s…” I fumbled in my bag for my phone, “11:30!!! Oh my god I’ve missed my curfew!!!” I screamed

“I’ll give you a ride, don’t worry!” Eddie said

Fortunately Eddie was a year older than all of us and he has his driver’s permit already

“Thanks, you’re a star!” I replied getting up

“Come on sleepy! I’ll get you home too!” Eddie said as him and Luke pulled him up

We all got in Eddie’s car and we drove off from the empty car park

As we drove up to my house I noticed that all of the lights were still on which meant that mum is up worrying about me and so the rest of the house will be!

The car came to a stop; I leaned over Frankie and kissed Charlie

“See ya at school tomorrow if I’m not dead already!” I said as I got out the car

“Bye” Everyone shouted as they drove off


‘Ding, Dong’ the bell went, giving me a headache

The door suddenly whooshed open with mum and dad at the door

“Where have you been?!” They both asked as soon as they saw me

“Pep rally!” I answered

“A bit late for a pep rally don’t you think?!” Adam remarked as he walked by with his laptop

“We fell asleep actually!” I replied snidely

“Well thank god you’re all right!” Joanna said as she waddled from the other room

“Yes, thank god!” Mum and dad said

“Have you eaten?” Joanna asked

“No, but I’m not hungry thanks!” I said sweetly “I’m off to bed!” I directed at mum

I waltzed off upstairs n sat on my bed

“So what did u really do then?” Adam asked as he came in my door

“Why do you think I’m lying?”

“Because I know you Ror! I know when you’re lying!” Adam smirked

“Ok, Ok we didn’t just fall asleep!”

“See! I knew it!”

“Toni and Luke went to the Pep rally, Frankie and Eddie fell asleep in the stands so me and Charlie-“

“Wait there!” Adam interrupted “Who’s Charlie?”

“Umm…The guy who’s taking me to the Prom” I said picking up my pillow

“Oh right…so you’re going out with him then?!”

“Well, yeah, I am…now!” I said blushing

“Now? What happened?” Adam said smirking

“Well, we went for a walk and we started talking and suddenly I just blurted out that I liked him!”

“Ok weird…but hey. What happened?” Adam Cheered

“Well you don’t need to know the rest!”

“Hmm don’t I?”

“No you don’t!” I smirked as I grabbed my Pj’s and shoved Adam out of my room


The next morning I woke up half an hour early but I didn’t feel like going back to sleep.

I got up, got ready and went downstairs. As I went downstairs I looked into everyone’s room. Adam was gone (to work), Stacey and Michael were still sleeping, Mum was curled in a ball as usual and Dad and Joanna were curled up together with both of their hands on Joanna’s extremely large pregnant belly.

I went downstairs, had breakfast (Weetabix), went upstairs and started to decide what I was going to wear today. That’s the best thing about our school; we get to wear our own clothes!

I decided on wearing a half thigh length pleated denim skirt, a grey over the waist length t-shirty thing with pockets on the front with my red beaded necklace, my black hoop earrings, my brownish green puff cap with my stripy socks, trainers with my black eye shadow half eyed blended in with the white leading off of my eyelid, mascara, lots of black eyeliner, a little blusher along my cheek bone and my dark red lipstick with my dark red lip liner.

I choose my outfits very carefully!!!

I went in mum’s room and kissed her forehead, went in dad’s room, kissed him on the forehead then kissed Joanna’s baby belly.

“Have a good day gall!” I heard dad mumble as I left


“Wow, look at you!” Toni said as I walked up to her (Weirdly enough, Toni was the first there!)

“What?” I asked knowing that I looked F-A-B-U-LOUS

“Looking at you even I could get intimidated!”

“Nahh doll, not you!”

“Wait till Charlie see’s you!” She smirked “What were you two doing last night anyways?”

“We went for a walk, got talking and ended up falling asleep!”

“Elaborate please!”

“Well…we were talking then suddenly I said that I liked him, he said he liked me too, he asked me to be his girlfriend, we started making out and ended up falling asleep in the middle of the pitch!” I said starting to laugh

“You sure that’s all that happened last night?!” Toni said raising her eyebrows

“Yes!!!” I replied shoving her off the bench

“What’s up girls?” Frankie said as she walked up to the bench

“Rory’s just telling me what happened with her and Charlie last night!” Toni said tickling me

“So…tell me!”

“You tell her! I’ve already explained it twice already I sighed

“Who else have you told?” Toni asked

“I’ve told Adam!”

“You what!!!” They both screamed

“Look guys, ever since my dad arrived he’s been like a totally different person!”

“Ok then, you’re funeral!” Toni sighed

“I’m sorry about your dress yesterday; I didn’t mean to fall asleep!” I apologised to Frankie

“It’s ok, I fell asleep too!” Frankie reassured me “anyway, it’s still reserved so I’m going today. Do you want to come with me?” Frankie asked me

“Yeah I’d love too!” I smiled

The bell went and we went up to form

The guys were already there and they all wolf whistled at me and Charlie stepped forward, kissed me, turned around and put his arms round my waist

“Awww” Everyone else sang

“Hay! You all do it every day so you can’t mock us!!!” I snidely said

“We got to get to class anyway!” Frankie said grabbing her bag

“Yeah, We’ll see you lot tomorrow!” Toni said

“Why tomorrow?” Luke asked

“Because we’re all busy today!” Toni explained

“Oh yeah!” I said

We all said goodbye and went to class

The day went really slow with teachers teaching ‘blah blah blah’ and everyone but me was busy at break and lunch so I ended up finishing off an essay…by CHOICE!!!

When I met up with Frankie at the end of the day we pleaded Eddie to drop us off at the shops before going to work…he eventually gave in!

We walked into the store and every space of wall you could get was filled with glass cases with the most beautiful dresses I’ve ever seen!

Frankie walked the one right at the front which was the one in the picture she favoured

“I absolutely love this one!” She said turning round “What do you think?”

“I think it’ll look fab on you! Try it on! I said

She got the assistant to get the dress out of the glass case on the wall and went in the changing room with it. I sat on a chair in front of the changing room mirrors and waited until she stepped out the changing room curtains.

She looked absolutely magnificent!

It was a floor length red silk dress which was an open back string corset and the bottom had a ruffle of red silk coming off of the skirt from the waist line down with a scarf or red silk draped over the arms and round the back to the other arm.

“You look beautiful Frankie! Really!” I blurted out

“I hope so! This dress is expensive!”  

“The spotlight will be on you on the 22nd!!!”

“Well, I haven’t seen your dress yet! So we’ll see who’s got the spotlight! Especially after seeing what Toni’s wearing?”

“Yeah she’s going to look great!” I sighed

“Don’t worry, we’ll all look fab! I’m looking forward to seeing the guys in tux’s Hehe!”

“Yeah, they’re going to look like penguins Hehe” we both giggled

Frankie tried on a couple more dresses but her heart was set on the red silk one so we paid for it and got a taxi back to my house.

“I can’t wait to meet your dad!” Frankie said as we walked up the drive-way

“I can’t wait for him to meet you!” I said as I unlocked the door

“There you are!” Mum said as she walked in from the kitchen

“I’m not past curfew!”

“I know, we were just concerned after last night! Where have you been-?”

“And who is this young lady?!” dad said waltzing in from the kitchen

“This is Frankie, one of my best friends!” I said proudly

“Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you Frankie! Now then what have you girls been up too?” dad asked

“Rory and I have been to buy my prom dress today! And it’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Mills!” Frankie fluttered

“Well we won’t bother you girls, you go on!” Dad said

“Thanks dad, we’ll see you later!” I said as I grabbed Frankie’s hand and dragged her upstairs

“Your dad seems really nice!” Frankie said

“He is but wait till Stacey and Michael get home! Their as snobby as ever!”

“They can’t be that bad!” Frankie proclaimed

“They are! Trust me!”

We sat up in my room for a couple of hours listening to music, going on my computer and going over prom arrangements until Stacey and Michael got home and they looked at Frankie like she was a piece of dirt so I hissed at them and we went back up to my room until eleven and Dad insisted on dropping Frankie home!


“Frankie seems like a really nice girl!” Dad said as we walked through the front door when we got back home

“Well she is one of my best friends!” I explained

“Good job at that!” he said “I’m off to bed sweet heart! Night night!” dad said as he kissed me on the forehead and helped Joanna up the stairs

“I’m going to bed too mum!” I said as I walked in the front room “Night, love you!”

I went upstairs, got ready for bed and found myself getting my prom dress out and staring at it until I nearly fell asleep, I put it away and went to sleep

The End

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