Chapter 6Mature

Chapter 6


My alarm really scared me when it went off! So much that I made me bump my head on my shelf above my bed.

“Morning” Adam said to me walking in my door

“Morning” I groaned “Where are you off too?”


“I didn’t know you had a job”

“I have had for quite a while now!”

“What do you do?”

“I’m a mechanic!”

“Wow, cool” I said surprised “See you later then!

“See you” Adam called back from the hall


When I got to school Frankie was leaning over a bench looking at pieces of paper

“What’s all this?” I asked

“All the pictures of the dresses I like and can afford!”

“Oh great, Let me look” I said pushing her out of the way. I looked at all of them and all of them were Gorgeous.

“Which one’s your favourite?” I asked. She pointed to this red silk one in the middle of all the papers.

“Oh Frankie that would look so gorgeous on you

“Well that’s the one I reserved in stock!”


The bell went and I and Frankie went up to form were Toni was listening to her IPod as usual.

“Hiya” I said as I took out one earphone

“Oh, hey” She replied as she put her IPod away

“Have you got your Prom dress yet?” Frankie asked

“Yeah, I got it at the weekend!” She explained “And I look so hot in it!!!”

Toni is one of those girls that thinks that she looks fabulous in anything she wears, She won’t go anywhere without her mobile, fake ID and her make-up. She has a model type face, and a body someone would kill for even though she hates her thighs (which I don’t understand because she has gorgeous legs).

“Have you two got yours?” Toni asked looking at both of them

“I have” I proudly said

“I’m going to get mine today!” Frankie also said proudly

“Are you still going with Luke?” I asked

“Of course I am!” She said “I am going out with him aren’t I?”

“Yes, of course” I replied

“Speak of the devil” Frankie said as she spotted Charlie, Eddie and Luke walking through the door.

“Morning Gorgeous” Luke swished at Toni putting his arms around her

“Morning” She replied Kissing him

“And morning to you” Eddie said as he pulled Frankie towards him

“And a very good morning it is” She replied kissing him

“Morning” I said to Charlie

“Hey” He said putting his arm round my waist

Charlie and I are the type of couple that don’t go full on like Toni, Luke, Eddie and Frankie! We just like being around each other and acting couplish! Plus, I always get nervous, especially around other people.

“You guys looking forward to the prom then?” I asked

“Wearing a stupid penguin suit tux, no way but spending the night with you girls with way cool chaperones it’s going to be brilliant!” Eddie replied while looking into Frankie’s deep green eyes

“Then we’re all heading out to the court for the rest of the night right?” I asked

The Court was a food court but it had a massive field behind it with swings n stuff but it also had a house on the outskirts of the grounds that us lot went to when we snuck out.

“Of course” Eddie replied pulling Frankie onto his lap

Luke wolf whistled at them

“Get a room” Charlie called out

“Maybe we should!” Eddie said to Frankie as the bell went

“Too bad!” Frankie smirked jumping off Eddie’s lap and grabbing her bag

“Meet up at the pitch after last bell right?” Toni asked

“On the Stands!” Luke replied

“See ya then!” Charlie said to me

I walked over to Charlie, hugged him…went to kiss him then quickly turned to walk away, looked back and said

“See ya”

Everyone whistled at this and as soon as me, Frankie and Toni where out of the guys sight they pushed me against the wall

“Oh my god! What did I just do?” I squealed at Frankie

“You gave your guy the Tease!” Toni said turning me towards her

“What’s the tease?” I asked

“The tease is going for it then suddenly stopping!” Frankie Butted in

“But I wasn’t going for it!” I pleaded

“It looked like it!” Toni said as she started walking across the hall balcony

“It sure did Ror!” Frankie added following her

I ran after them and we went to French

After the last bell for the end of the day we went to the stands that overlooked the football pitch, luckily there was a pep-rally going on in the gym so all the sports guys were too pre-occupied to play that day.

We ate our lunch (Eddie was feeding jelly to Frankie and they started making out, Toni and Luke went off because Toni was actually a cheer leader but they wanted a quick make out session before she went to the pep rally to apparently give her ‘more spirit’. So that just left me n Charlie and we went for a walk around the pitch.

We walked for ages, throwing stones at the flock of seagulls following us for food and talking about what we were going to do in the summer holidays

We were just walking (with me as usual staring at Charlie as he talked) and I felt a sudden rush come over me

“I like you” I suddenly Blurted out

Oh my god! What did I just do? Did I really just say that?

“I like you too” he replied calmly

“No, I mean I like, like you! You know what I mean!”

“No, really, I don’t!” He smirked “Explain Ror!”

I lightly pushed him and he turned me to face him

“I know what you mean Ror! I really like you too”


“Yes!” he slightly shouted

“Ok, ok. I believe you!” I giggled “So, how long have you liked me for?” I asked going red

“I have liked you ever since we met!”

“We’ve only known each other for a year!”


“Why didn’t you say anything before?”

“I don’t know! I was just shy I guess!” He said going red too

I giggled at his shyness

“And what about you little missy! Why didn’t you say anything?” He said elbowing me

“I was just as shy as you I guess!” I giggled going red again

“See! You can’t giggle at me now can you?!” He smirked as he gave me a light push

We stopped walking and turned towards each other, Charlie smirked at me so I looked down at the ground which was grass with a white line right between us

“Look at me!” Charlie said to me picking up my chin to look into his eyes

“Yes?” I choked

“I really do like you, Ror!” He said in a very deep voice

When he talks to me seriously but lovingly in that deep sexy voice my knees weaken

“I really like you too!” I said in a slightly girly yet sexy voice turning my head away again

“So…what would you think of being my girlfriend?” he said shyly

“Is that an offer?!” I wittingly said

“I guess” he said turning away

“Then, I guess, I would like that!” I sexily whispered turning his face to mine

Then we just started making out in the middle of the football pitch

The End

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